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  1. SOLD WTB (or WTT) 20GA Buck shot and slugs

    Found some! We just added a 20 GA Remington 870 to the family , looking for some buck shot and slugs, can be 2-3/4" or 3" Happy to purchase outright or trade for other ammo. PM me if you've got something.
  2. GE Refrigerator or Other Brand

    I bought all new Kitchenaide when i remodeled my kitchen 10 years ago, I've had problems with every appliance except the microwave.Leaks and broken racks with the dishwasher, recalled drain assembly from the fridge and a faulty defrost module. The gas stove was the absolute worse, after...
  3. Anyone Turn On Heat Yet?

    Heat this morning, if I have to switch back to ac this afternoon the so be it. I’m even willing to heat one floor while cooling the other.
  4. I remember

    I have not forgotten I will never forget Rest in peace Michael Craig Rothberg
  5. Duracell is giving me a $10 coupon to replace corroded batteries

    Rayovac paid me almost $200 for ruined mag lights after I fought with them.
  6. Shotgun bead

    Sometimes you can get lucky. Look for some of those plastic headed pins at a sewing supply store. I've seen some used as replacement beads and the size match was perfect. Otherwise, go the gunsmith route.
  7. In need of a safe, current Winchester died

    Glad it all worked out for you!
  8. In need of a safe, current Winchester died
  9. In need of a safe, current Winchester died

    You absolutely can swap the lock on the Winchester 24 with either a better quality mechanical or electronic dial lock.
  10. Beer

    Tonight’s delight
  11. Realtors told to no longer use the term "Master" when describing rooms in homes

    I’m unaffected, its always been the Boom Boom Room for me.
  12. amazon prime video question

    Did you mean KODI? Or is there something else out there I just haven't discovered?
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