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  1. Anyone take firearm courses?

    Wrong place to ask. You won't get an honest opinion here. If your honest, here, you get f'n shredded. ask me how i know.
  2. People shot at Moon Island

    is there a pool? can i bet on ND sideways across the firing line?
  3. Nics

    appeals run anywhere from 8 weeks to 2 years. i have seen both and everything in between.
  4. Ginsberg??????

    They will shift to straight assassinations.
  5. CCW holder shoots and kills attacker who stabbed 2 people in New Haven

    2 victims, room temperature perp. why do they need the public's help?
  6. Justice Kavanaugh

    Yes, correct. You got it perfectly.
  7. 87 YO woman tased while cutting dandelions.

    unless you don't know which language your English needed to be translated into.
  8. 22KILL Tomorrow at Maynard Rod and Gun

    I did. I was on team Shake & Bake
  9. Glock Armorer's Course 07/26/2018 in Webster, MA

    I hope you don't own any Smith and Wesson products too..... Just sayin.........
  10. 22KILL Tomorrow at Maynard Rod and Gun

    It was a good time. The course was pretty tough physically.
  11. Glock Armorer's Course 07/26/2018 in Webster, MA

    I have done it a couple of times. It's a blast, and if you are a Glock shooter, it'll give you a ton of great information and skills. IT does depend greatly on which instructor you get. Some are OK, some are stellar. My first go around I got the guy that teaches all the other teachers. You'l...
  12. Taunton Rifle and Pistol Club

    Are they still only applying the bylaws selectively or to the whole membership? Just wondering if the status quo has changed. Are they still kicking members out who joined, and were in good standing but never set foot on the premises? They have such a great way of doing things there!
  13. What firearm of yours makes you most happy the 2'nd Amendment exists

    All of them.... but im particularly enthused about this one lately. (don't mind the bacon.... it was a guns and grub pic)
  14. newbee KC1JVD

    I started out by looking online for lists of local repeaters, and learned how to program them all in to the radio. Then I started discovering nets, locals talking, and other goodies. Have fun! And start studying for your General. KC1GKS 73
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