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  1. Possible terror attack germany

    Guess it is their turn now. Saw initial reports of 'far right' not terrorism. 3 suspects still on loose
  2. one more safe thread

    I tried to search here and other places but would like some suggestions. I am looking for a shotgun safe for a bedroom closet that needs to hold one w a 20inch barrel. Some I have found appear like it might be just a bit too short. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. looking for suggestions

    Love the typical AR comments, because thats exactly what he asked for. Some of us just like AKs and those calibers, cause theyre better than ARs.
  4. What should I expect to pay for a Glock 20, and how often are they on the MA Market?

    Sadly don't seem to see them here too often. I look, but lot of asking prices, you seem from time to time here, are very high. I was fortunate to find a 29 from out of state that was MA compliant/ old as hell but NIB and got it. That might be your best bet. Then you gotta think bout ammo tho ha...
  5. NY Post further redefines the term "arsenal"

    Bullet proof vests are weakkk
  6. Northeast Arms - Route 1 South in Peabody

    Might be in the area today...any info on inventory now? I went to the website but it doesnt show a ton
  7. What's the best and coolest 10mm pistol out there ??

    Uh no contest, my 1006. Thing of beauty
  8. Gun sales spike in Ferguson area

    Decision due soon right?

    Ya, enter and click and nothing happens. Using IE so who knows
  10. Obama's new choice for AG

    And a New Yorker to boot
  11. How/Where to Sell a Gun (In Addition to NES Classifieds)

    I would say GB...least then you can enter a buy now and you might get someone who really wants it and bites for your price. Cant hurt to list it, worst case you pull it and are where you are now. Good luck
  12. Stopped in at gfa Arms Tec in natck today

    Place is pretty great. Have bought 4 there, done a transfer and they did some repair work....on an AK, thought they were unbreakable. Always good guys, friendly, and when I was interested in X for a good amount of money, I was pushed towards Y for a lot less and its become one of my favorites...
  13. what brand 7.62x39 ammo do you shoot

    GT, brown bear is my usual go to. Lots of Yugo saved up which i play with from time to time. I would say that is my favorite, but come on, who wants to have to clean their AK everytime? And 300 yds is pretty far...I can still hit pretty well w all mine at 300, but 500...ha that i have not...
  14. Richard Tisei Called Me Today

    Is Moulton not a real Democrat? Did not know he was anti-gun. Could you show me where?
  15. Just re-upped again.

    How long from paypal time to Green Time? - - - Updated - - - Oh wow, so about 5 seconds...nice!
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