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  • Jarhead 66 thanks for sticking up for my boy Deer Slayer he is only 16 thinks he knows it all but I did @ his age all so he is a good boy loves to shoot any thing hand guns rifles and good @ trap we shoot a lot in Maine with our own throwers auto and hand and also @ our club in Medfeild wobbly trap tower he does not care how far it is thrown as long as he can shoot @ it . You are a stand up guy Semper Fidelis my friend. Rico 13
    I am so sorry to hear this and unfortunately I know exactly how you feel. My son committed suicide on 10/20/2006 he had just turned 26 12 days before. He had problems with alcohol and drugs for some time and had cleaned up then slipped back into that life style again. What was the final push for him was a bad relationship with a woman he had dated for years.
    The only thing I can say is that time will heal you some. The memories are always going to be there but the pain on your end will lesson some.
    My real name is Garry Anderson and my cell phone is 978 618 6619
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