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  1. Advice to new shooters - Part 1

    Wendell Thanks for remembering I am still training and always being trained. Jim
  2. Advice to new shooters - Part 1

    Jeff Cooper wrote 4 rules. He was a man and recognized that people sometimes screw up If you screw up 1 rule out of 4 you may be still safe If you screw up 1 rule out of 2 you could be in deep trouble 1. All guns are always loaded! 2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to...
  3. Great quote by Louis Awerbuck

    Of all is the trainers, that I have trained with, the two that I respect and miss the most are Louis Awerbuck and Jeff Cooper. I can remember Louis diagnosing one of my 1911s which was shooting a little high and right. He told me to replace the barrel link. I did and shot it the next day...
  4. Caliber Choice

    Steve Thank you for adding your thoughts. Folks, be sure to read what Steve wrote there i a gold mind of of info here
  5. Skill Set: Why I Don't Like the Forty

    Skill Set: Why I Don't Like the Forty by Tiger McKee This pair of Glocks are 9mm and the .40 caliber versions are the same size. The more abrupt cartridge, the .40 Auto, is harder on the machinery and the shooter. Is it enough more effective than the 9x19mm to justify going to the .40? Rich...
  6. Not using your front sight in a confrontation.

    The question on backing up is, can you back up faster than the BG can run forward?
  7. Not using your front sight in a confrontation.

    Sigtac Do a search on LAPD, you will find that their hit rate is over 80% since they started to teach sighted fire
  8. Not using your front sight in a confrontation.

    SiGtac You said that it is hard to imagine "trained professionals" missing at zero to six feet This is a good observation which has driven police departments nuts for many years First, my comments are not anti police in anyway The training that officers get at the police academy is very short...
  9. The Evils Of Speed Holstering

    Bill i agree that supposedly experienced shooters can be a major problem. Please notice what I am doing. I am challenging them, with a real money penalty i have done this in a 40 person Women on Target class with excellent results All of the 40 women had no experience. One of the problems...
  10. The Evils Of Speed Holstering

    In a class, I always teach the 4 safety rules After I am done explaining the rules, I ask each student if they understand and agree to follow the rules They always say yes. I then explain that if they do not follow the rules, I may ask them to leave the class and will not refund any money Then I...
  11. new guy needs advice on pistol technique

    Silversnake Overall your last target is quite good, if we forget the low shots How fast were you shooting? Now about the low shots, without watching you my opinion is my best guess My best guess is that your sight picture looked perfect to you and that you tried take the shot right then This...
  12. The Evils Of Speed Holstering

    I often see speed bolstering in beginner classes i can normally put a stop to it, by explaining That it is very dangerous That it is totally unnecessary That no armed confrontation has ever been won by speed holstering I also explain the details of an after action drill, as follows: From a...
  13. new guy needs advice on pistol technique

    If you decide that you need help, please give me a call 603-673-6105 i am running a class at Westford the last weekend of July
  14. The Evils Of Speed Holstering

    The Evils Of Speed HolsteringPosted by Ed Head on Jul 3rd, 2012 and filed under Ed Head, Featured. You can follow any responses to this entry through theRSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry Alright guys, let’s admit it; we all learned to shoot watching our heroes...
  15. Threat analysis about armed robbers

    Bill thanks for the excellent input. I could not agree more Hopefully, folks will pay attention
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