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  1. Vp9 experiences

    Been a long time since I've last posted. Looking into getting myself a VP9 for daily carry and was hoping to hear of others experiences, how they carry and their favorite holster. Warmest regards, JM
  2. R.I.P. RUGER LC9S

    Shame, I like mine and considered a second.
  3. M&P 9MM 2.0

    I've been considering a new is between this, sr9 and vp9. At least the SR and VP9 have fair triggers out the gate.
  4. AR break in

    AR's I relate to breaking in a hot 2 stroke it hard.
  5. .45 carry pistol?

    you will laugh, but I run it in a remora #11 I believe. Very comfortable and it doesn't move or slide around in the holster at all.
  6. .45 carry pistol?

    I carry a m&p 45 fs every day. It's all about the holster!
  7. Adam Kokesh Cancels DC March

    I'm okay now, and will be on regularly bud. Got a great new job, single and searching, keeping my chin up.
  8. Adam Kokesh Cancels DC March

    It's true, I haven't posted or logged on in a while. I've just had things going on in my personal life that affected me in ways I didn't expect. I will be back on with frequency again :-) thank you for thinking of me! Dominick
  9. Adam Kokesh Cancels DC March

    What a douche
  10. Adam Kokesh Calls for Peaceful Open Carry March July 4th from Virginia to D.C.

    theres one thing that rings clear in my mind, and its my opinion and like butt holes everyone has em and they all stink...but if the gov fires shots and starts murdering people, I am also traveling.
  11. AR Not Cycling

    [laugh] no soup for you!
  12. My new AR build

    [laugh] paint it black!
  13. Adam Kokesh Calls for Peaceful Open Carry March July 4th from Virginia to D.C.

    [laugh] Its easy to swing a mean dick on the internet... "no mines bigger!!!" [rofl]
  14. M1A vs. AR10

    M1a is a good time man, i would check them both out in person...inspect the fit and finish, decided whether or not you care about capacity. I myself would purchase the M1A, I love how they look and they are typically very accurate. A very good friend of mine had a Scout version and adored it, he...
  15. Thugs try to break into a house

    piggies will eat everything but the teeth...
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