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  1. Fighter planes over Metrowest

    Now who's the liberal? Aren't they the ones who call people names instead of providing an argument that supports their position? And I do understand the need for military training. I just don't understand the need for it to occur over people. Why here and not some desolate training range? I...
  2. Senators Introduce Assault Weapons Ban

    Maybe we can get eric holder to run some of these back into the US.
  3. Fighter planes over Metrowest

    Nope. Not sarcasm. What's the benefit for a flyover? So people can say "Ooo Ah?" Saying it's training doesn't sway me. Training over populated areas is negligence. I realize the probability is low but the consequences are high. How many initially killed and then how many killed in the stampede...
  4. More than 30 Wyoming legislators sign on to bill to repeal most gun-free zones, override local laws

    Uh oh. There's going to be blood running in the zones.
  5. Fighter planes over Metrowest

    No to mention jeopardizing the safety of thousands of people. One of these from the 104th went down in the woods of Pennsylvania a while back. One also took out a car on the pike (I think) in the 60's or 70's. These planes have no business stationed/operating near populated areas. Nobody needs a...
  6. Cop steals gun, gets fired.

    Is this some kind of OT scam or did all of their firearms training really happen 12-8 a.m? ETA: Maybe this is why they were so transparent. Look at that piddly gun sale over there and not at this multi-hundreds of thousands pension padding OT scam.
  7. Boston Proposes State Law Requiring Doctors to Ask About Guns In the Home

    Nope. The house is around the guns. To keep them warm and dry.
  8. How many genders are there?

    I thought we were discussing a small segment of society forcing their views on the majority of society. As far as treating each other right, nobody's talking about setting bag limits and allowing these people to be hunted in the streets. Ask the cake baker how they got "treated in turn."
  9. 20 children injured in hammer attack at Chinese grade school

    Maybe the state can put him and his hammer to work as executioner and save on ammo costs.
  10. NSSF filed vs AGO!

    So the state's argument is that they are not self defense because no recorded use but they are military weapons because they have no recorded military use but look like military weapons that do have a recorded use?
  11. How many genders are there?

    When they start accusing you of the crime of hate speech by not using the appropriate pronoun, it certainly does affect you.
  12. Senators Introduce Assault Weapons Ban

    Is the plan to have the "copy or duplicate" clause added as an amendment?
  13. Online sale leads to gunfire, man shot, in fast-food parking lot

    If only ma had the toughest gun laws in the US this wouldn't have had to happen.
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