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  1. Homemade Kevlar/bullet resistant vests

    I have hundreds of yards. It was used to make furniture meet fire code. I did some research and it's used for cut proof gloves, fire protection, and I guess armor or some short. It's like a yellow felt..
  2. Log book?

    Two of these coming, yellow and orange so they don't get lost 🤦‍♀️
  3. Log book?

    How are you guys keeping track of your load data? I was just going to buy a yellow "rite in the rain" book and wing it. Quick Google showed a few reloading logs, what's New England using?!
  4. Ammo Cans Slightly Used

    What did u change too? I'm about to buy more bins like that. Maybe you'll change my mind
  5. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    So prime is 8%? It says extra email specials? Someone post some of them?
  6. Granby Bow & Gun Club ZBA final meeting May 7th

    Well that was belchertown's chief. Who was/still a complete trainwreck.. yes Granby pd pulled him over and took him home. No one covered up anything. Everyone knew. Only cop hates, and people with DUI's cared 🤣
  7. Granby Bow & Gun Club ZBA final meeting May 7th

    The old farmers have given way to liberal f***s. Form the $9k in taxes I pay, to the new school that's a year old that deemed to small already. To the revolving door in the building department. The solar field issues. Granby is f***ed , and the liberals are just loving it
  8. Range gear recommendations please.

    Blackhawk Sportster range bag. Hat 2 pairs of glasses 2 electric muffs, package of orange ones Gray Guns range rod Tools for whatever is going that day Trama kit Lead wipes that I don't use . Targets, m12 stapler ammo Take Point Tactical backpack More ammo, and more ammo Mags, and pistols.
  9. Anyone build a home on a high water table in NE? Calling all Civil /Environmental Engineers...

    After seeing the topo (no heights lol ) best thing is to walk unless you are getting a deal.
  10. Anyone build a home on a high water table in NE? Calling all Civil /Environmental Engineers...

    Just finished one in Western Mass. House sits on a spring. It on the low side added 40k, high side 80k to the project. Hire a real excavator and not a landscaper with a machine. Keep the town out of your business as much as possible
  11. Sturbridge Show 1/4/20-1/5/20

    The shows these days are okay. Your not buying ammo, or a new handgun. Your looking at cool shit, buying something stupid for $20 and getting lunch on the ride home with a couple friends. People trying to relive the glory days of 90's Eastern States will always be disappointed.
  12. What am I missing?

    Some of the people in this hobby like to tinker. Tweak spring rates, polish actions, and reloading. Have a hobby, a reason to sit in the basement and tumble some brass, and clean a gun.. Then there's the "my Glock is perfect from glock and no one should touch it Glock knows best." Those people...
  13. What am I missing?

    You guys are acting like it's black magic to tune a cheap ar. Some people just go to the range and shoot. Others swap buffer's, change ammo, swap barrels are the range.. I run into this problem with my day job. Some people can't change oil, others rip the fuel system out because it acted funny.
  14. Granby Bow & Gun Club ZBA final meeting May 7th

    The town needs their ego stroked. Has to be something simple to end this .
  15. Milwalkee tool kit- good deal or not

    1/4'' new impact does 1/2 ton lug nuts, rachets are great, cut off wheel. Air compressor. The stapler for range time use lol
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