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  • Howdy neighbor... It was nice to meet you at the Holbrook NES shoot today. You built a really COOL AR... Maybe I will see you at the Plymouth Gun show. I will be there looking for parts for my AR build.

    Hi Ana,
    It was great to meet you @ GOAL hope the ride was a success. Just let me know when you would like to go to Ames. You have my cell so when you have time give me a buzz.

    All the Best
    Great avatar. [smile]

    Nice seeing you at the standout as well. Thanks for letting me know about it.


    I knew as soon as MG mentioned Anastasia in the truck that it was you he would be talking to. Always nice to hear your voice. It should be Anastasia in the "Big Scary Truck". LOL

    haha sorry about that! I found you afterwards too and i felt bad! Its a nickname people call me offline because my last name is williams and my first name begins with J! Nice dog!
    Things in Billings are doing pretty well. I was in Bozeman just last week, before the downtown area (200 block E Main) had some sort of explosion.
    It seems to be a great area. I love this site- it was very helpful in getting my NR LTC A ALP in Mass while I was in school in Worcester (Clark).
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