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  1. Weapons Light (pistol)

    I'm a big proponent of flashlight in one hand and pistol in the other. Just my preference to have an option to shine a light without flagging something/someone.
  2. Calling all experts - can it be that I simply cannot handle Glock (19)? I shoot

    92F is has weight distributed over the entire pistol (and may weigh more). Glocks have a different grip angle and all the weight is in the slide which makes some people flinch. You just have to learn to shoot it. I prefer all metal pistols or something with a very low bore axis because I can't...
  3. Chipotle: "Don't Bring Guns in our Stores"

    oops . . . too late. I was there today . . . and several times in the last few months.
  4. Need a good boston compliant rifle... Is m1a the best ?

    the boston ordinance specifically states AK47. Saiga 762 is totally legal.
  5. Where can I get my pistol instructor certification?

    I like scouter rick! no BS, great teacher, even nicer guy.
  6. Stupid things gun counter clerks say

    Haha, drummers are stupid :-P I play french horn.
  7. Stupid things gun counter clerks say

    Said when I was having my 4th firearm in 8 months transferred after I had dropped $4k for items in his shop in the same amount of time. "This internet thing . . . I don't like it. I'm not making any money off of you." -Walter Duddy Law Enforcement Equipment Then don't sell a saiga 762 for...
  8. Do you wear gloves when cleaning your guns?

    If I don't wear gloves I get peeling skin for days. It's unsightly and annoying.
  9. Over-penetration in an Apartment?

    +1 I live in/around boston and have neighbors that I can hear through the walls. My HD pistol has safety slugs in them.
  10. When is a gun safe not a safe?

    Law enforcement equipment has pulled this crap too. they refund the tax when you complain but basically tell you to screw.
  11. Careful when shooting at trees

    Eat tree, stupids!
  12. I think I am done with S&W

    HOLY POO! They MIM the barrel? No thank you.
  13. Left Eye Dominant

    I'm cross dominant and use modified weaver and don't have problems with brass in my face. rifle is a different issue. Still trying to figure out how to shoot lefty.
  14. 3D Printing FTW!!!

    For GE? Or yourself? I wish I had room for that.
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