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  1. Colossal AR Failure

    Funny you should mention that about headstamps. When I first got a 300, I was happily converting 5.56 brass into 300 BLK. Right until I learned that a 300 would chamber and try to fire in a 5.56 barrel. Ruh-roh... Shot what I had reloaded, turned the brass into 22 TCM and made damn sure to...
  2. Red Dot Sights on a Fixed Carry Handle AR-15

    I had a Colt labeled C-More with the gooseneck that Frizzle Fry's pic showed - worked great. Not a great dot by todays standards (no click zeroing, battery replacement annoying and with no auto off, frequent), but really liked not having the optics what felt like a foot above the bore...
  3. Colossal AR Failure

  4. Deals and steals

    Nice! One for backyard pellets, another for the 200yd range with 22s. I've no idea how that coupon is a good idea for the seller, but that is not my problem.
  5. Which Optic Mfg is rhe Savage of rifle scopes?

    The Savage of rifle scopes - 🤣 great way to phrase it... Vortex. Then Primary, although maybe they're more the Rossi of optics? Just put an Athlon on a Savage 22lr that was a pleasant surprise for the price. Higher magnifications you can see where the glass falls short, but it works for what...
  6. Which optics brand do you own the most of?

    Tie between Vortex and SWFA SS's, 4 of each. Bushnell, Primary and Trijicon tied with 3. Only bought one Pinty.
  7. School me on binos

    I'd suggest taking a look at any of the Steiner binoculars based on their 8x30 Military/Marine. They've put different versions of this size frame out with various options over the years, and they all share the characteristics of being big enough to hold and stabilize easily, while being quite...
  8. What happens when bulk ammo catches fire?

    Ammo cans are designed to vent, rather than explode. No one wants their people to be in their own burning vehicle sharing space with burning ammo that's now a bomb. Well, maybe the combloc didn't care - those soldered or crimped ammo tins can retain pressure to the point that they will...
  9. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    One of the 22LRs that my Savage MkII really likes, too. Don't want to think about what the ones I shot Saturday cost me. I am happy to see the 'reserved until...' on the shopping cart, though. But not buying more.
  10. Rock slide USA

    I bought one of their G17 barrels and slide cut for an RMR for a G34 about 6 months ago. Had one FTF in the first magazine, after that went through another 250 without incident. Mind you, I didn't bother to lube the new slide and barrel until after the FTF. It shot very well. I'd buy their...
  11. Deals and steals

    For no good reason, I had to buy one as well, with a cheap riser that cost me more than the dot. Made me laugh, which is reason enough. Curious to see if it's actually Picatinny mount, or Weaver. If it's Weaver, I'm going to have to mount it on the 375 H&H. Or a 22LR. Dunno....
  12. Optic Type for 7.62x39 Mini-Mauser

    I've got one of the Primary Arms 1-6x LVPOs that edmorseiii mentioned on a Zastava 375 H&H. (Also in left hand, Lefty38-55 :)) It works quite well on that. I prefer LVPOs that run down to 1x, but a 2-7x would also be a solid choice.
  13. Newton Gun Shop getting pushback

    Proud to say my town has 4 MG licenses - in a population of ~1300. :D
  14. Your impressions: M1888 Trapdoor w/RRB and unusual tiger maple stock

    I know I've seen stock work similar to what you're looking for on Mark Novak's Youtube channel - but he designates most videos by gun, not by technique and I can't remember which one. Could have been in any of his rifle or shotgun videos - key title words to look for would be conserve...
  15. What have you seen lately?

    Didn't get a pic, but leaving my parents house headlights lit up what was either an escaped ferret or a weasel in their driveway. All white body except for a brown patch on the chest. I'm inclined to think escaped ferret, since it didn't care about a car 20' from it. Indoor/Outdoor ferret...
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