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  1. Federal Operation Seizes Over 42,800 Illegal Firearm Silencers Smuggled From China

    Too many libtards think suppressors sound like they do in Death Wish movies. If you do not know what I am talking about check out on you tube. V
  2. Federal Operation Seizes Over 42,800 Illegal Firearm Silencers Smuggled From China

    These are safety devices to promote hearing conservation and to reduce noise associated with an individual exercising his or her constitutional rights. REPEAT.
  3. Which current production revolver for carry?

    I chose other no option for 637
  4. ANTI HEALEY YARD SIGNS (guaging interest)

    I will donate $59.99 to anyone who takes a giant shit on the windshield of her car.
  5. SCOTUS Grants Cert to a Gun Case! (NY State)

    I mean this is a generally curious way- is the second statement above pure sarcasm, or the truth?
  6. I just moved to Maine........

  7. Stocking up.

    I ran into David Linsky as he was leaving a virtual NAMBLA convention. He was in the Natick public library so I was able to hear his keynote address. I asked him about his passion to ban all semiautomatic rifles and pistols. The conversation pivoted to ammunition control. He convinced me...
  8. Non-recorded private sale

    Please, God, destroy all paper and digital records in the DPRMA gun confiscation registry
  9. Video shows moments before rapper DaBaby fatally shot man at North Carolina Walmart

    Can someone tell me what the walmart in worcester is like
  10. Beretta Slide Markings Question

    Congrats on purchasing a nice gun Big and heavy but my fav range gun. Never mind can IWB carry
  11. Linskey H4038 - semi auto ban

    I worked with a guy who was in the navy reserves, born and brainwashed in MA (Natick). Total Anti. Total weenie
  12. Woman who used ERPO against LEO who fatally shot her son found guilty of lying

    Impossible. Women never lie on red flag law applications. #onelietoomany
  13. Does the sale of a shotgun require an FA-10?

    Yup. I once bought back 12 gauge from a Buddy in a Chinese food restaurant parking lot. Had a coupla fog cutters and went on merry way.
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