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  1. Can a senior with cognative issues covert a LTC to "Restricted To Collecting" in order to save a gun collection?

    Retiring in MA is DEFINITELY a bad call. MA DOR taxes every dollar with inheritance taxes if the total estate value is $1,000,001 or higher. I'm told that the tax rate STARTS at 16% and increases based on the value. Look on Zillow for the value of your house . . . most at least in Eastern MA are...
  2. AR Maglock Legality for FID Holder

    OP, listen to Joe. He knows what he is talking about and this advice is solid.
  3. Northeast Gun Shows

    Carole (promoter) has a list of vendors and table numbers, but nobody else has it. See my comment below. If half the occupied tables have guns on them, consider yourself lucky. 500 tables is the building capacity. There hasn't been 500 occupied tables at that (or any other) venue in many years...
  4. St. Louis Prosecutor's Office Busted Altering Evidence; Reassembled Non-Operable McCloskey Pistol To Classify As Lethal

    As a constable, I met a lot of lawyers who I wouldn't trust in any circumstances. Many years ago my Parents used a local attorney (well known, former selectman) to write their wills and trust. He screwed up the trust, causing me to sit on their house for many years before selling it at a huge...
  5. String of break-ins in Newton, MA has residents on edge

    Many years ago I mailed a check and it took 2 weeks. Derek travels for work and can only get to the USPO during their open hours if he's home. Thus, I jumped on the life membership when it was offered and need not worry about it. I hate Paypal, but if you pay that way, it processes very quickly.
  6. Federal officer arrested at Capitol rally won’t be charged

    True, but I do not believe that there is any violation of law in this particular case.
  7. Need a refresher on my C&R

    Printed in color is fine but not necessary. Use whatever color ink to sign, there is no requirement for the use of blue ink.
  8. Federal officer arrested at Capitol rally won’t be charged

    I believe that you are correct. Media-speak doesn't concern itself with details.
  9. Federal officer arrested at Capitol rally won’t be charged

    Except Feds can carry on Federal property. So I don't see it as a big deal once they verified who he was.
  10. Wachusetts on Sunday

    Since it is Russia, the gov't may be subsidizing her for PR purposes.
  11. Wachusetts on Sunday

    https://raisa.blog/ I have no idea how this young lady is financially able to spend her life roaming the globe operating her amateur radio station from remote places. But here's your not guilty blonde operator.
  12. Called out for not wearing a mask

    Probably. Not owning any animals, I've never read the rule/law verbatum.
  13. Called out for not wearing a mask

    Do they provide medical treatment there? Re-read what I posted! I posted a fact, I don't agree with it, but you'll find it is true no matter what state you are in.
  14. Mass Gun Laws By and For Non-Lawyers Seminar - Sun., October 17, 2021

    Mass. Gun Laws By and For Non-Lawyers (How To Stay Legal and Out of Trouble) NOTE: We are back teaching at Londonderry Fish & Game Club, Londonderry, NH. A ~7 hour exploration of Massachusetts gun laws including time for your questions and answers. Exposing the rumors and presenting the...
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