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  1. Neill Tassel got my 2A Rights RESTORED!! First gun purchase coming soon. Recs!?

    Former Mil are entitled to blue label discount on Glock, Sig, S&W, etc in most states. Find mfr-authorized LE dealers and enjoy, you earned it! Good work Neil and Comm2A. Points out the ignorance of non-2A attorneys. See above. Thanks for your Service and enjoy your freedom.
  2. Long gun transfers in CT

    I suggest that you ask a Mod to move this to the CT Laws sub-forum. We have a few NES'rs who are knowledgeable of CT law. Paging @dcmdon
  3. Selling ammo in MA

    I remember asking Glidden about this many years ago. He made a funny face and asked why I was even asking about it. That section of law is for dealers, not someone randomly disposing of some surplus ammo. I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
  4. How to handle a delayed transfer in Mass?

    Only eFA-10 as registration once it is in MA.
  5. BREAKING: Brownells Acquires AR15.Com

    No, Scriv isn't on ARfcom TTBOMK. I've been on ARfcom since the forum was started. I've also been on the predecessor Email list since 1998. GD on ARfcom is a train wreck and I never go there unless to a linked thread from somewhere else. There are 500K users and 100s (if not a thousand)...
  6. Does the UPS truck pick up ammo? How to ship by UPS without going to service center: GunBroker sellers are making a fortune

    I used to have a regular UPS driver and knew where he parked for lunch every day. More than once I would stop by and pick up a package that I missed or hand him an outgoing package. I once asked him if I could give him an outgoing gun to ship and he said yes. I don't think that I ever did it...
  7. Can a MA FFL RECIEVE A NON COMPLIANT GUN from Out of State

    Don't know where the quote about DOJ comes from. MA does not have a DOJ (CA does). The issue you need to hammer home with the AG's office is that regardless of how the gun got to MA, no handguns are "illegal" and the product is defective. Given that it is a Taurus, who has a bad rep for...
  8. New to eastern MA, places for skeet

    Don't they both still shoot on Sunday mornings?
  9. Can a MA FFL RECIEVE A NON COMPLIANT GUN from Out of State

    I'm glad that it will likely work out for you.
  10. Deals and steals

    $82.11 on fleabay
  11. Can a MA FFL RECIEVE A NON COMPLIANT GUN from Out of State

    Except that it is up to the judge to award damages or up to triple damages. It is my understanding that it is very rare for a judge to authorize triple damages.
  12. Handgun Shipping - To out of state C&R

    NY requires each handgun S/N to be added to your license by the issuing authority prior to taking possession. Possessing a handgun not on your license is crime in NY.
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