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  7. Western MA FFL's that can verify a Pre ban Maadi AK

    I spoke to 2 or 3 FFLs and some AK forum guys. They asked for the serial number and all told me 93. Not sure if it's a personal record keeping system of verified ones and see where the serial number falls, I reached out to the original FFL to see if I can get some paperwork, unfortunately he's...
  8. Western MA FFL's that can verify a Pre ban Maadi AK

    So I'm looking to sell my Pre Ban Maadi AK RML imported from pars international. I need an FFL somewhat close to Western MA that can verify the date through the serial number and would be willing to do a personal transfer for me as I'm out of EFA-10's. Willing to travel a little bit. Trying...
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    Need to sell ASAP
  12. WTT Stream light TLR-8 for TLR-1

    Looking to trade a pretty decent condition TLR-8 for a TLR-1 in similar shape. No need for the laser light combo anymore. Wondering if anyone wants to trade
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