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  1. 03 FFL C&R Massachusetts

    Couple of things to keep in mind about becoming a FFL03 (C&R). You will need to keep a "bound book" of all your purchases and sales of C&R items for ATFE. C&R purchases must be registered in MA via the EFA-10 process.
  2. 03 FFL C&R Massachusetts

    I got my first C&R in 2017. Went to a gun shop that specializes in C&R guns where an old-timer watched me shell out numerous Benjamins for a Luger P08 and a Walther P. 38. He looked at me and smiled and said a C&R is "the most expensive $30 you'll ever spend."
  3. 03 FFL C&R Massachusetts

    They have read Maura's BS about gun sales in MA and just don't want to deal with potential MA crap -- even though a C&R is a federal license and Maura has no jurisdiction over federal licenses.
  4. Gun consignments question

    Thank you all for your replies. Most helpful.
  5. Gun consignments question

    Question about gun consignments: Is there any limit on the number of guns a private (non-FFL) lgun owner can consign with a FFL? For example, if I had a gun collection consisting of 30 guns could I consign them with a FFL all at once? Or does the "4 gun transactions per year" rule apply? Thank you.
  6. Massachusetts Legislature Voting on Anti-Civil Rights Bill TODAY!

    H. 5046 is nothing more than a legislative temper tantrum from a bunch of spoiled children who were just told "no". They are absolutely furious over the last 2 SCOTUS rulings -- first they were told they can't restrict firearms licenses and a day later Roe got overruled. Not being able to accept...
  7. K frame spring kit?

    I'm thinking about upgrading my S&W model 19 with a reduced power spring kit. There seem to be at least 3 kits on the market -- Wolff, Wilson Combat, Miculek. Any members have any experience with these? Any advice appreciated.
  8. Is the Mill famous?

    None of the dealers at the Mill are doing anything illegal. None of the customers at the Mill are doing anything illegal. Sadly, that doesn't mean anything to so-called "journalists" these days. Everything is about "messaging" and perception. Maybe Jack should post signs at all the doors saying...
  9. Fall River Cop Arrested Twice In Less Than a Week

    "Crook was given and failed several field sobriety tests. Somerset Police also found several half-consumed alcoholic drinks in his car." New Fall River PD motto: To Protect and Be Served
  10. 73 year old beaten to death by teens; what would you do if packing

    These "kids" seem to have become hopelessly rabid at some point in their existence. Time for the "Old Yeller" solution.
  11. Protestors gather in Akron after police finally release footage of Jayland Walker shooting: Black DoorDash driver, 25, who cops say opened fire on

    You forgot that he had a smile that would always light up a room. And that he loved playing with his younger cousins who just adore his happy goofy ways.
  12. Best Gun Laws in The Nation

    Where did these shootings happen? Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan, Hyde Park and the South End, All neighborhoods with persistent (illegal) gun violence. Nothing really new here. When the shootings move to Roslindale where Mayor Wu lives then maybe you'll see some action. What are the police...
  13. Massachusetts Reciprocity

    It will take YEARS for Massachusetts to change its laws regarding carrying outside the home or grant reciprocity with any other state. With regard to the recent SCOTUS decision, here's a likely scenario: A LTC candidate gets restricted. Candidate sues the licensing authority State represents...
  14. Massachusetts Reciprocity

    Speaker Paul Ryan opposed it and dragged his heels. It wasn't a big issue for Trump and he never pushed it.
  15. giggle switch: just a curious ?

    Funny you should mention that
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