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  1. Collectors Guns, Stoneham, MA

    no...if i worked at FS I would have done the transfer there... There were a total of 6 people in the shop, including myself and the person I was transferring the gun to, 4 people behind the counter...everyone else was there to buy an AR15 that they didnt have in stock...they were far from...
  2. Collectors Guns, Stoneham, MA

    Anybody looking to do business with Collectors Coin Gallery in Stoneham, MA should promptly tell them to go eff themselves...they have a sign on the door saying "NO 223 or 5.56 AMMO" but are stocked with inflated prices and just told me they were too busy to do a transfer even though I was the...
  3. Testing the Noveske and Battle Comp 1.5

    After building my last 2 AR's with a Battle Comp and seeing just how AWESOME they truly are, I decided to build a super lightweight gun and throw another Battle Comp on it to see how effective it really is. Impressed is an understatement. I let a friend shoot it who grew up hunting with bolt...
  4. SR 22 for CCW

    Too bad no handgun round in creation was ever designed to "knock a man down"...
  5. P38 How did I do?

    Daltrey99 Thanks for the info! $750 was exactly the price...the mags have no other markings on them other than saying "p38"
  6. P38 How did I do?

    Not peened, no import mark, locking block as the same serial number and the bore is a mirror!
  7. P38 How did I do?

    A friend picked up this P38 and asked me about it...I don't know too much about the milsurp pistols but figured some one where would original Walther P38, ALL serial numbers match, EXCELLENT bore, retains about 98% original finish Has 2 original holsters and magazines. One holster is...
  8. Top Shot Season 4 - Megathread

    hope no one gets too attached to michelle...
  9. Top Shot Season 4 - Megathread

    at the qualifications bieber was shooting the m1a and proclaimed "this rifle is needs a scope...i dont get how anyone can hit anything with this gun"
  10. Rondo's a gun guy?

    I'm sure Rondo is wicked Pro-2A...I'd even go out on a limb and say he DIDNT vote for obama [rolleyes] I bet Plaxico Burress was pro-2a too
  11. Rondo's a gun guy?

    listed at 6'1...hes more like 5'10
  12. Zombie max

    pm me if you want some
  13. Toddler dies after pit bull attack in West Haven, CT apartment

    my pitbull mix is vicious...he loves attacking people with kisses when he meets them...another libtard amongst us
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