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  • Hahaha, it was around 9 PM I think, so she must work the evening shift. This is the Orlando FL, store by the way; they had about...10-15 50 round boxes of Remmy UMC on the shelves. One of the clerks said they get 2 or 3 cases every now and then and it usually sits for a little while.
    I started working there in 2002, and continued teaching up to last year (or maybe year before, i'm bad with time frames...)
    I taught just about every class with exception of points and power. I started the youth japanese sword (which is now in the very capable hands of my senior student Josh) and youth sport armor program. The first class I taught was fencing and I just kinda kept expanding from there. In more recent years I took over the martial arts program and introduced a modern version of ninjutsu into the program and kept with that for the remainder of my time there. I still go to the buddy nights every now and then for the fun of it.

    Ever been there?
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