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  1. So, what did you get on Black Friday?

    Nothing worth buying this year
  2. Do you ever randomly run into other gun owners?

    Pulled up to the gas station the other day with a NESer with a big don't tread on me on his hummer and then met another guy the other day who owns his own business and is a firearm instructor in millis. I seem to be seeing more lately.
  3. Free giftcard with purchase [YMMV]

    Cool, it worked for me no problem. Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to use the funds on Amazon anyway, might as well get $10 off.
  4. Miami Beach bank robber killed by police outside barber shop.

    #whitelivesmatter who's down to riot?
  5. Braintree Rifle and Pistol Club

    Seems fair, I'm about half way there already.
  6. Braintree Rifle and Pistol Club

    I didn't know life membership was an option... It's not listed on the form. Did you call up and work out the details? How much is this?
  7. Braintree Rifle and Pistol Club

    That's too bad. I haven't been down in a long while but I've always kept membership. If they keep raising rates I'll just let it lapse. They need to do a work program like at Harvard where your volunteer work can pay off your dues. It would be way more practical.
  8. buying from a leo?

  9. Striper season coming soon, who's ready?

    Had a good day on the water with some nice blues hitting our mackeral.
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