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  1. MRGCI needs your help

    Donation sent- God bless & Kick A$$!
  2. Antifa Video Reveals Plans To Trap Conservatives In ‘Kill Zones’ And Shoot Them

    Nov 4 antics planned by the above mentioned group; but this is also planned to ‘coincidentally ‘ coincide on the same date. (Sorry if dupe, couldn’t find it when I searched)
  3. RIP Ken Hartle, USN

    RIP, Sir! Thank you for your incredible service! The world certainly lost an amazing soul. What a different world it would be if society still produced men of his fortitude and character vs. the current generation. Prayers to his family, may he be reunited with his comrades, and comfort and...
  4. Need a gunsmith recommendation for Northshore

    Great guys and service at
  5. Asking NES for help for my Mom. Please take a moment to read. Thank you

    Prayers and donation sent. God bless you for being such an amazing son! My heart broke reading your post- praying your mom continues to make progress in her recovery. I am so sorry for all the added stress she has had to contend with in addition to her health. Thinking of you both, sending...
  6. Update: Active driver/stabber at Ohio State, now dead

    Somali Refugee

    Happy blessed Thanksgiving, to you, yours, and all who serve our great nation. God bless and stay safe! Remembering and praying for all who have left us, for many the day without them will be bittersweet. Hugs!
  8. St. Louis alderman calls on residents to get armed

    St. Louis Alderwoman Introduces ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban What a difference a few years makes. [/FONT][/COLOR] [/FONT][/COLOR]
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