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  1. MFS AR-15 & AR-10 Sale!

    We are actually getting more firearms in than ever before. The problem is just about everything sells the day it comes in.
  2. MFS AR-15 & AR-10 Sale!

    Funny thing is that those prices are actually quite high. when we ran the sale I think we were still in the midst of the Sandy Hook panic.
  3. Sig Sauer Sales Event at MFS

    Sorry to say that this year we won’t be running a sales event. Just too much of a famine out there for Firearms right now.
  4. MFS is Hiring Instructors

    Mass Firearms is hiring both certified and non-certified firearms instructors. Certified instructors are needed for our Mass Basic Firearms Safety Classes. Non-certified instructors with capable firearms experience are needed to assist with firearms safety classes and to teach one-on-one...
  5. Any ranges/clubs in MA that allow night (NODS) shooting?

    We would allow it under normal circumstances
  6. End of the pullman arms v. Healey case today?

    will will sell whatever we can get our hands on
  7. End of the pullman arms v. Healey case today?

    I’m going to try to get the guys to get everything up there.
  8. End of the pullman arms v. Healey case today?

    this week we will be updating our inventory on our website. If we have them they should be online. I don’t believe we were able to get any for $39 though. That might be difficult at this point
  9. MFS COVID-19 Update

  10. MFS COVID-19 Update

    Yes, I am sorry to say the class has been cancelled. We hope you can sign up again for the class : Mass Firearms | Shooting Sports Center in Holliston, MA
  11. MFS COVID-19 Update

    MFS COVID-19 Update The safety of our customers and staff is our highest priority. To help in the pursuit of this goal, Mass Firearms will be closed on Saturday, March 21st and will reopen Friday, March 27th. This time will allow us to refine our practices and procedures so as to create the...
  12. Mass Firearms COVID-19 update

    As the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread we have decided to make some changes to our schedule and operations which will help provide a safe environment for our customers and staff. Our new store hours will be as follows: Monday - 12pm to 9pm Tuesday - 12pm to 9pm Wednesday...
  13. What is with Gun shops?.....

    things are really drying up at the distributer level...we were able to get a lot of stuff from the buying group we belong to but without that things would be very rough
  14. What is with Gun shops?.....

    however, we will sell all our remaining MCX rifles in the next day or so
  15. What is with Gun shops?.....

    don't want to inject inappropriately into this thread but we have MCX rifles in stock...about 15 of them
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