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  1. Eastern Security Safe

    I just bought a Liberty gun safe that Eastern Security Safe that they advertised on here (it was a leftover 2015 model T on clearance). In an age where most people usually just go online to post complaints, I wanted to do the reverse and let everyone know about my complete satisfaction with...
  2. Getting a Safe Delivered?

    Eastern safe all the way - just got one from them and can't say enough about their customer service!
  3. I'm glad I left RI/Providence ... trying to ban ALL semi-auto's

    Though I'm sure things like this will be sprouting all over: http://www2.turnto10.com/news/2013/jan/04/providence-council-passes-gun-ban-resolution-ar-1299924/
  4. Safe suggestions

    Stack-on makes some affordable safes - not sure on the quality, but I've been meaning to check them out myself.
  5. The most unreliable gun you've shot

    Desert Eagle .44 - all show no go. First round would be fine, would jam on 2nd round everytime. Had the gun sent in for repairs multiple times, happened every time. Happened to everyone I let shoot it as well. Ended up just trading it in
  6. Massachusetts most armed town

    #34 woot woot!
  7. Pocket guns. What do you have? What do you like?

    S&W bodyguard in the front pocket - in a desantis pocket holster. After a couple minutes you don't even know it's there! I know the bodyguard isnt the best option, but I bought it when it first came out. I actually don't mind the heavy trigger pull in a gun thats in my front pocket...
  8. Plymouth, MA. Yes, that is correct! October 6 & 7

    This show was great if you wanted to buy Hitlers spoon or some knockoff chinese optics...

    in thanks!
  10. Body Armor

    thanks for being selfless and posting the link even though it decreases your odds of winning!
  11. Saiga 12 Kushnapup

    Great video - thanks for posting it. Made me realize that I could never have one, since I'm a left handed shooter - those shells would be hitting the side of my head!
  12. Came across this for a Saiga 12 shotty - bullpup conversion looks interesting

    Damn - that looks awesome. $275 isnt that bad, either!
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