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  1. I am from NES but....

    I'm from NES and the internet is serious business. Serious F'ing business, DO YOU HEAR ME! DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO TAKE PERSONALLY! IT'S THE F'ING INTERNET DON'T YOU GET IT!
  2. Applessed on Fox

    I'd love that they check with the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League to see if WE are extremists... [rolleyes]
  3. Rent a Bushmaster ACR

    web site says it's optimized for pmags but takes USGI. But no, you can't have pmag.

  5. If you can't hit the target?

    Definitely pull the target in closer. Definitely spend time dry firing. Both will help you. It is very likely that the tough trigger on that gun (it's well known for it) is at least part of the issue. But not something that can't be overcome. It may frustrate you in the mean time though...
  6. The public schools suck thread.

    "you don't need to carry a gun"
  7. Make your own emergency tinder for your BOB

    Wetfire is good stuff. They claim 1 of those cubes can boil a cup of water, which in an emergency could be very hand for making quick warming food (mountain house). I need to make small stove to try it in (they actually sell one for it).
  8. NRA and Campaign Finance reform

  9. Jackass of the week

    [rolleyes]. What else is there to say. If they just want to ignore facts you can't argue with them. There is no truth in that method of "argument". Regarding crashing the server because of overloading it, this is "Must See TV"...
  10. Fully functional LEGO sniper rifle

    that's pretty cool!
  11. Yaesu FT-950 - I'm liking it!

  12. Open Carry Story (Sort Of)

    I'm guessing "guns" was a euphemism...
  13. 2012 is it true?

    Not sure what it says about this subforum that this thread is still on the first page...
  14. Are we gonna do field day?

    Like it says... are we? Even informally? The day is reserved at MCRG. I would like to.
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