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  1. NH lawmakers voting on Iraq resolution

    NH is firmly a moderate state. That means the state will seem far left to most people here, but will be viewed as far right when compared with Massachusetts. That's not going to change any time soon.
  2. Firearm's Theft - Manchester, NH

    These guys stayed covered up when they were in the store. It looked like they knew they were on video and took steps to hide their faces. They were in and out in a hurry. It looked like they were after only handguns.
  3. New Acquisitions for December 2006

    I got me a plain ol boring EBR. I haven't put it together yet, but will do so when it is assembled. Hopefully, it will look just like this (with no extra parts lying around):
  4. You'll shoot your eye out.

    Has anyone done a study about where people who break the law using guns actually got their weapon(s)?
  5. Gun-firing airheads a New Year's tradition

    Never mind--found the answer
  6. Public Gun Ranges for Shotgun Patterning

    Manchester Firing Line will let you shoot shottys, but its slugs only.
  7. Where to buy Stag lowers?

    Pete at Legal Transfers ( in Plaistow, NH is the guy. He has Stag lowers and a bunch of other great stuff. I got a Stag (complete) 2H upper (with ARMS #40), a side sling adapter, a Stag 6-pos Tac stock kit, a Stag lower parts kit, a Stag stripped lower, and a Stag 30rd mag for...
  8. Came across this, New SIG 556 Rifle

    It's pretty cheesy that the 556 has no sights.
  9. My day at the range

    Great thread guys--thanks.
  10. I am now "just like you"...

    I got a P229 a while back, and a nice shotty. Then the wife wanted her own pistol. Then some force overtook me and I bought an Evil Black Rife. Heck I don't even know if I'm going to shoot it. I just want it so I have an EBR if they're banned. Number9, time to order your EBR (and a case, some...
  11. This isn't good news.

    I hadn't heard there was a 2 hour standoff and that 100 cops were involved.
  12. What would the media/public think of us?

    Now that is pretty damn good.
  13. This isn't good news.

    Today's Boston Globe article is filled with stuff I didn't see anywhere else. <<NEW BEDFORD -- The lights were on, and the crowd was thinning out as the Foxy Lady strip club wound down to closing time at 2 a.m. yesterday. Monday night had been unusually slow, and only three or four patrons...
  14. This isn't good news.

    This is like the police searching a home and announcing that they found "bomb making materials." What kind of bomb making materials? Wire, batteries, clocks and electrical tape. What home WOULDN'T have these so-called bomb making materials?
  15. This isn't good news.

    I think you guys are focusing on the wrong thing. The fact that something like this can (and does) happen in a state where firearms are tightly regulated proves that such bans are ineffective. Forget about all this nonsense about the media not knowing gun nomenclature--that doesn't matter. The...
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