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  1. Ever order a gun part, forget, and order it again? And again?

    Parts? I do that with guns, and I didn’t forget shit, I just wanted more. Extra parts are just incomplete guns. Find a roll pin on the ground? That’s an AR missing a few parts. Score! The only problem I have worse than picking up every bit scrap metal I find and figuring out what it wants to...
  2. ATF issues rule change proposal regarding pistol braces

    It’s not just this administration. The writing is on the wall. Those “certain states” pushing back are just certain politicians playing their angles. They’ll all play their games and dance their dances, and we’ll all sit on our fat lazy asses and watch it all slip away in the end.
  3. Enough Of This "Pre-Healey" Shit

    Not good enough. I feel like throat punching someone every time I see that stupid term posted. Anyone who uses it in a FS ad title should be exiled.
  4. Classified translator

    BNIB .50 CAL, Fully Shootamatic, Pre-Ban, Pre-Maura, with Bounce-aroni stock and Diamond-Tech Super-Mega Trigger Translation: IDGAF. I might occasionally take a stroll through the classifieds, but finding something I might actually consider buying at a price I might actually be willing to pay...
  5. Gold and silver prices are down

    I’ve been minting my gold into bullets. It’s a no-brainer really, what could possibly be worth more than golden bullets? I figure if I can work out how to incorporate some sort of non-fungible tokens in there somewhere, I will essentially rule the world.
  6. Supreme Court Rules Warrantless Home Gun Confiscation Is Unconstitutional in 9-0 vote

    Nope. It is the constitution that makes them unconstitutional.
  7. Make your bets! Where will the Chinese rocket crash

    Surprised somebody hadn’t shot it down yet just to show they can...
  8. Deals and steals

    Appears to have been fixed...
  9. Does your spouse know how many guns you own?

    She thinks she knows. She thinks I have “a lot”. She is clearly wrong however, because I am certain I have “very few”. I know because I just counted them, and there were exactly not enough of them.
  10. MA law and shooting gray squirrels with pellet gun

    I think it I could get all four of them with just one of my feet... After the photographer “rescued” those squirrels, were they released directly into his attic?
  11. Real Estate lease restricting firearms

    Plumber enters: “Where is the water heater located?” Tenant: “Straight down that hall, second door on the left. If you run into claymores, you’ve missed your exit.”
  12. Real Estate lease restricting firearms

    I disagree. Firearms owners are the only protected class. Everyone else is subjugated. —— To the original point: Hopefully I am done with ever worrying about such things again, but, personally, if I found myself looking at such a contract again, I would just ignore it. On the one hand, I do...
  13. MA law and shooting gray squirrels with pellet gun

    ...He died doing what he loved, stuffing nuts in his mouth...
  14. MA law and shooting gray squirrels with pellet gun

    Whoa whoa whoa! Don’t go sending the guy off all halfcocked! People look up to senior members like you for guidance, you need to take that implied responsibility more seriously. Has anyone even asked the guy if he has a stamp for that suppressed pellet rifle? Is he cognizant of rodent slot...
  15. People Who Conceal Full Size Handguns

    How dare you sir!
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