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  1. Bullet Casting & Coating MegaThread

    They look perfect!
  2. 2020 Cast Bullet Signup Thread

    Nice! More for the smelt! Thank you as always for generosity
  3. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Got it. Had a similar issue with 40 at one point. I sold the gun instead 😂
  4. Bullet casting seminar Karma!

    Ray is the winner! Luck of the draw!
  5. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Did you bump the powder charge a bit? Or do you think the issue was the gun?
  6. 2020 Cast Bullet Signup Thread

    He’s kissing. Who am I to think I could stop such a force of nature? Well there are 2 open spots for the seminar as a Karma. No one is jumping on them. @Broccoli Iglesias you're going to have to step up the game and offer your famous Swedish foot massage.
  7. 2020 Cast Bullet Signup Thread

    Covid mask. So when @Broccoli Iglesias kisses you you can’t feel his whiskers
  8. Bullet casting seminar Karma!

    @peterk123 had a last minute obligation and cannot make it to the seminar. he wanted to use his payment to give a free rife to another member interested in going. You know how it works. Post in and I’ll draw a winner tomorrow. thank you Peter!
  9. 2020 Cast Bullet Signup Thread

    I like mechanic gloves. Just enough to keep you from getting burnt but you still have control of things. welding gloves are ok but clunky.
  10. 2020 Cast Bullet Signup Thread

    Here it is ladies and gentlemen. The weekend we have all been waiting for. Any last minute requests or questions? Please remember to bring your safety gear and a MASK. In order to help keep down the transmission of bossily fluids @Broccoli Iglesias will not be giving his famous double kiss...
  11. Bullet Casting & Coating MegaThread

    I think that the manufacturers have removed loads due to their lawyers and the fact there that are much better performers for the same job. Unique can do anything but probably isn’t the best for high pressure semi auto cartridges. So they push for their modern higher performing powder or newer...
  12. Range Report 45/70 Revolver

    Exactly. When you have that much weight you don’t need the speed. There is the whole energy dump/expansion/hydrostatic shock argument but we should all know the only way for a Surefire kill is. CNS hit. After that it’s blood loss. A large caliber flat nose that puts and entrance and exit would...
  13. Range Report 45/70 Revolver

    Stupid really. The whole point of 45/70 is so you don’t need extreme velocity. You’re throwing a damn VW Bug down range. Also penetration suffers at higher velocity. If my bullet penetrated 4.5 feet instead of 6 feet I consider it a loser
  14. Range Report 45/70 Revolver

    Fixed it for you.
  15. .32 colt, short or long

    I believe the Colt uses a heeled outside lubricated bullet instead of the modern inside lubricated bullet that the 32 S&W (short or long) uses. The 32 Colt New Police was basically the same as the S&W Long with a different bullet design.
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