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  1. Mil-spec upper receivers Frankensteins

    Surplus M16A2 Capco Uppers AR15 Used Grade 1 - AR15 Parts at : 840973204
  2. Winchester m1152

    Task and purpose did a new story on it. You can now buy the ammo specially made for the Army's new handgun
  3. Winchester m1152

    I was excited to see Winchester m1152 9mm at Academy Sporting Goods. I bought a box for $35. I have a Sig 320 and was curious about the military’s new round. After opening the box I see that it’s the same as the service grade markings and all minus the annealing.
  4. Mil-spec upper receivers Frankensteins

    It depends on which range I can do. Really want to do the shooters world indoor 100 yard range but they don’t allow green tips, it wouldn’t be a fair comparison yes it really is 100 yards. It’s going to be a while before I do this ammo test I did an order and only hornaday rounds came in. The...
  5. Mil-spec upper receivers Frankensteins

    I ordered a box of every 62 grain ammunition I could. I’m going to do a Ammo review groupings at 25 yards and probably a 50 yard
  6. Mil-spec upper receivers Frankensteins

    I called Ohio ordnance and he said he not sure if anymore surplus uppers will come in. Mine in dated 1999 on the barrel under the hand guards.
  7. Mil-spec upper receivers Frankensteins

    No it’s bench. Standing I use a pistol Silhouette and do 25 yards.
  8. Mil-spec upper receivers Frankensteins

    The white paper is an m16 zero target. The multiple target is the m16 simulation target I get on amazon. The big target has .75 by .75 squares. Targets, 75 Meter, Feedback, M16A1, Pack of 10, 24" x 30" | Gun Parts Corp. I use them at 50, 75, and 100 yards.
  9. What's the ultimate fall adult beverage?

    Black rifle coffee AK47 and sweet Italian pastry creamer
  10. Mil-spec upper receivers Frankensteins

    This is a good you tube video of another happy capco owner. View: But for every happy camper there is an unhappy camper. Capco A2 upper - Part 2 - Range Report ⋆
  11. Mil-spec upper receivers Frankensteins

    I happened upon a Capco A2 upper receiver and paired it with a psa stealth Lower. The psa lower had a bad finish but my friend duracoated them colt grey and it’s gorgeous. The upper and lower fit like a glove. If you see a capco upper buy it. Now my friend wants one and we do a search of gun...
  12. No more Colt ARs

    I wish I could say the fit and finish is the difference between the two. But some of Colt’s new guns come with dings and scarthes. I bought a colt a4 with handling marks and I cut it from the wrapper, I sold it on gunbroker two days ago. I got a psa stealth lower for a capco a2 upper, the lower...
  13. Nonmagnetic 62 grain

    The slower the round the better it suppresses. The halo which I would not recommend to anyone else was made for the m4 to attach to the blank firing adapters grooves on the flash hider. I also use gemtech bolt carriers to vent the gases. When I use 62s it’s loud but suppressed the 55s i see...
  14. Nonmagnetic 62 grain

    For hunting it’s fusion out of a 20 inch flat top. For paper it’s 855 and federal.223 62 fmj. The 855 is great but the ranges think it’s going to destroy the back stop. An outdoor range said it mess up the plywood which shocks me because the guy with the 300 winmag seems to do a better job! The...
  15. Nonmagnetic 62 grain

    It’s too fast for my Gemtech halo
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