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  1. Perfecta 9mm (and other calibers)

    I bought 100 rounds of this stuff to put through my M&P 9C, and so far it is the only ammo I have ever had issues with. I don't know if I got a bum batch, but about every other round was a feed failure. I also had tons ejection failures and issues with the slide not locking back on the last...
  2. Where to buy 7.62x25?

    So far my only options have been a fair bit of a drive for me, but I am headed up to Hampton beach next weekend so I will definitely have to stop by there since its along the way. $22 a box isn't a steal by no means, but at least it's something. I was a bit bummed that it didn't have the ring...
  3. Where to buy 7.62x25?

    Small world! I got my C&R in January and the Polish Toks are just such a beautiful pistols I couldn't resist ordering one. It is really a pain in the a** not being able to order ammo online if you are into C&R/Milsurp stuff. The commercial ammo is pretty reasonable priced, but it seems that in...
  4. Where to buy 7.62x25?

    Thanks for the info and PMs so far guys. I will have to call around these shops and see what my best option is. So far all of these are quite the drive. Unfortunately I got it from an online sale so getting ammo from where I purchased the Pistol is a no-go [crying]. I am headed down to the...
  5. Where to buy 7.62x25?

    I just got a Polish Tokarev as my first C&R purchase a few days ago, and this thing is a beauty. I really look forward to shooting it, but so far I haven't found it nearby (central MA). I have heard that the availability of the cheap surplus has dried up, but I'd imagine that even commercial...
  6. P64 for $179.99!

    Nice p64 I am envious! There was an error in my C&R getting processed, so I didn't get to nab one in time [sad].
  7. Operation say Hi to the fat guy in Gardner.

    Yeah it is $30 a year and renewals are due every October.
  8. Operation say Hi to the fat guy in Gardner.

    +1 for Petersham Gun Club. I live in Gardner too and go to this range regularly. Out in the boonies, quiet, and nearly every time I have gone I have had the range all to myself.
  9. WW2 Flamethrower Shoot and Display

    I'll be there with some family, and donated $25 towards the GoFundMe.
  10. Worcester District Court - Checking In LTC

    So I had to report to jury duty today at the Worcester district court. I was trying to find info on the legality whether or not you could bring your firearm in and just check it in with security before proceeding to court. I only seemed to find some wishy-washy info on if it was okay or not...
  11. Guide to gun rights in your Massachusetts town

    LTC Appointment: 06/09/14 Was Approved On: 06/21/14 LTC Issued To PD: 06/26/14 Called To Pick Up LTC: 07/02/14 Issued LTC A NO-RES by Gardner PD. Feels good to finaly have my LTC! Heading to four seasons tomorrow for sure!
  12. Shook AG's hand today. Need emotional support..

    I feel your pain man. I ended up shaking our dear leader Deval's hand about a year ago, and I still have to wash that hand extra hard when taking a shower. We need to start a survivors support group or something.
  13. Guide to gun rights in your Massachusetts town

    Just did my LTC appointment yesterday in Gardner with the licensing sergeant. Was pretty straightforward with no extra crap required other than a filled out application. Said everything looked good and I should have a LTC A no-res in 8 weeks. Was a pleasant experience, but I am really hoping it...
  14. Ignore, dupe.

    Sorry, dupe.
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