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  1. Red dot on a carry pistol - worth it to mill a slide or nah?

    I went to red dots a year ago And never want to go back. Noticeably fast first shot and tighter groups at speed. I run a deltapoint pro by Leupold and a trijicon RMR. both are nice, but the deltapoint has a much larger window and easier to acquire the dot. A good pair of tritium backups help...
  2. Upcoming Gun lot at Douglas Auctions Friday

    Anybody know how bidding works if you dont have an C&R or FFL?
  3. Friends account keep getting rejected

    paging @drgrant or @EddieCoyle. any chance you guys could help me help a friend out?
  4. Friends account keep getting rejected

    Like the title says. One of my friends has been trying to make an account here. He has tried twice and both times it got rejected. anybody able to help him out?
  5. 300+ yard ranges in Mass

    Harvard, Granby, devens, I’m pretty sure Reading has a long rifle range as well
  6. Granby bow and gun club CYBER ATTACK?

    anybody hear anything about the 1000Y lately?
  7. New Firearms Acquisitions September 2021

    where did you get that sticker?!?!
  8. Cabelas in Hudson has ammo

    i work at Cabelas and have never heard anything about this. we literally cannot get firearms and ammo fast enough!!
  9. They're walking back Officer Sicknick's cause of death. EDIT 4/19/21: They're saying it was Natural Causes

    so to be clear though, he was still beaten to death by "rioters", "protestors", "patriots", "insurrectionists" during the storming on the capital. they just can't pin point what was the fatal blow?
  10. Motivational Mega Thread

  11. Run Hide Fight Movie trailer and movie here.

    looks a bit over the top. im sure i'll check it out anyway
  12. More on Osama/Seal Team 6...

    clicked link and regretted it within 3 seconds. i'm sure i'm on some kind of list now...
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