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  1. Upcoming Gun lot at Douglas Auctions Friday

    yeah nice johnson
  2. Favorite Knife Brands

    I'm not ready to forgive Benchmade yet but they are nice knives
  3. MA magazine limit/AWB

    On July 11 the SJC decided a case called Vega v. Commonwealth. It includes this gem: This means that if unlicensed firearm possession presents a menace of dangerousness, then including it as a predicate offense furthers the legitimate and compelling government interest of preventing extremely...
  4. MA magazine limit/AWB

    A good decision blocking a colorado city ordinance.
  5. Bitches be crazy (Dallas airport shooting)
  6. Glock 21 or 1911 - which one should I buy?

    Found it View:
  7. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    it's a 200 gr swc .45 tootsie roll
  8. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    My square deal was not stroking all the way. I at first I thought it was a jam in the deprimer and disassembled and cleared that. Still jammed so I thought maybe it was the powder drop or the fail safe and took that off. Then I started to break down the whole machine when I see this...duh
  9. Anti gun people criticize mall hero

    The first thing I did after reading Shannon Watts post that he was illegally carrying a gun was check Indiana laws. It is not illegal there to ignore a store's policy of no guns.
  10. Resealing an Old (and Very Special) CO2 Pistol

    that gun is a beauty. I've never seen one before and I love the model 41 and owned three.
  11. Finally got around to shooting with the Axil Ghost ear buds

    I used them for about a year and liked them but the company upgraded mine to the 2.0. These are an improvement and seem to cut out a bit more noise. They are less protective than my eep100 plugs with skull screws.
  12. How would you refinish a stainless steel revolver?

    That used to be how the police marked evidence.
  13. Is the Mill famous?

    absolutely agreed I did not mean to suggest otherwise
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