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  1. An Honest Ad From Your Democratic Spokesperson

    I think I saw that ad on MSNBC
  2. NYC Condo's with Submachine Guns and Snipers in Fla.

    Wound them, let them scream
  3. GOAL Files Action in Federal Court Against 3 Cities

    Who issued George Washington's LTC?
  4. The Massachusetts 2020 "9mm" Write-In Initiative.

    How about a 10 pistol with brace. Group buy.
  5. CETME Rifles

    The German StG 45 (M) was the first rifle with delayed blowback with roller bearings. It was the work of Vorgrimmler, a former Mauser works engineer. He continued his work on this design in Spain after the war. Not what was said before. Also, he was joined by other former Mauser works...
  6. Cape Coyote’s

    Best place is on the cape side of one of the bridges and get them when cross over
  7. Where is Hunter?

    Are all dems kinky?
  8. My doctor diagnosed me with GAS

    On a scale of 1 to 100 how bad is it?
  9. What will happen in 2025?

    My credit card will be expire
  10. Is it too late to dump our guns?

    How much for a M16?
  11. Duxbury Police seize guns from old man

    Most of the ammo the cops don't want will be sold on gunbroker.
  12. Help Identify Dumpster Dive Score

    The stud on the bottom is for mounting the gun on a tripod.
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