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  1. Gilford (NH) Police Now Allowed To Carry Their Own Rifles On Duty

    I'd love to be able to carry my own rifle at work. The rifle I checked out for quarterly qualifications a couple weeks ago looked like it hadn't been cleaned in...well...ever. And whoever zeroed it last was cross-eyed or possibly blind.
  2. Tell me about .38 Super

    Yup, it's very popular in Mexico. The only time I have personally ever seen someone actually carrying .38 super was a Mexican dude escorting a dope load across the border.
  3. Un-Popular or not: 40S&W vs 357 Sig

    I recently discovered Florida Highway Patrol carries Glock 37's. Kinda blew my mind.
  4. U.S. Air Marshal Left Loaded Gun in an Airplane Bathroom

    Or a Glock or HK. I think ICE might still authorize j-frames as a BUG, so even that could be possible.
  5. Best Police Sidearm...YOU COULD PICK TO CARRY

    Glock 17 on the hip, BCM with a nice 1x-4x optic for the long arm. An Aimpoint T2 would be an acceptable option as well, but we deal with some uniquely long sight lines out here. Getting permission to carry a BUG without being fired for it would be nice as well.
  6. Amber Alert in CT was caused by a murder illegal already deported once!

    I wouldn't say a wall isn't going to do shit, but there are certainly ways to secure the border that would be cheaper and easier.
  7. Sick child requesting police patches

    Let me know as well please. I can certainly spare a few.

    I knew of a guy that treated a MRSA infection on two separate occasions with the fish version of Septra DS, and it supposedly worked like a charm both times. Way easier than taking time off work to go to the doctor just to get a script.
  9. Thinking of becoming a leo...

    [laugh] Yeah, most hiring processes are 100% digital through now.
  10. Thinking of becoming a leo...

    What envelope?
  11. Thinking of becoming a leo...

    I was referring to USBP and ERO.
  12. Thinking of becoming a leo...

    Based on two recently signed executive orders, 15,000 new GS-12 FLEO positions should be opening up soon.
  13. MARSOC chooses the Glock 19

    I've personally shot an entire USMC known distance qualification with the large aperture just to see if I could, and I qualified expert. It's not hard, even out to 500 yards.
  14. S&W not slected for Military Contract

    Nor would I. I'd consider LE use of pistols to be far more abusive than military use.
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