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  1. Rats!

    A 'possum is that flat animal that sleeps in the road. Jack.
  2. Rats!

    Are you a man or a mouse? If it comes near you just stomp it. Jack.
  3. Left hand only

    No. I have as much strength in my right hand as ever. Jack.
  4. Left hand only

    After having several people start the truck with no effort using either of my keys and their right hand, I still have to use the left hand. Awkward, but the key turns with no effort. That's what I'll keep doing. Mother Nature wins again. Jack.
  5. Left hand only

    LOL. Jack.
  6. Left hand only

    You think maybe the driver side seat switch? The AAA guys didn't even get in the truck. They just reached over. Jack.
  7. Left hand only

    Everyone is born right handed. The great ones get over it. I'm also left eyed, altho not by choice. Jack.
  8. Left hand only

    I only use the fob for remote start in the cold weather. Jack.
  9. Violent Crime in Chicago Megathread

    Always wondered what they do with the bodies? Jack.
  10. Left hand only

    Could be. I have to turn the wheel so that the spokes are vertical to reach thru. But others can just make it work as is. Jack.
  11. Left hand only

    The key and fob are not on a ring with any other keys. Been working fine for two years and now OK with the left hand only. Never had to use the spare one which I keep separate. Jack.
  12. Left hand only

    So I hopped into my 2018 Chevy Colorado this morning and couldn't turn the key to start it. Also could not remove it to try my spare key. I have AAA so the tech came out, hopped in and fired it up. Went to the mill in Littleton. At noon I had the same issue. One of my tenants came by and I...
  13. My little skunks

    I know a guy who crossed a skunk with a racoon. All he got was a dirty look from the racoon. Jack.
  14. Belchertown gunmaker pleads guilty to federal firearm violations

    Correct on Reagan. I can't remember half of this shit anymore. Jack.
  15. Belchertown gunmaker pleads guilty to federal firearm violations

    The Hughes amendment was added to the FOPA without any discussion. Stopped the mfr/sale of new MGs to the general public. And Bush signed it. Maybe my spelling is off. Jack.
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