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  1. New Firearms Acquisition Thread July 2022

    I've been wanting a full size .45 ACP 1911 for a long time, and when I saw this at my LGS yesterday, I couldn't's a custom order (by my LGS) Colt/Nighthawk Custom Series 70: Frank
  2. House passes 2022 assault weapons ban

    If I'm reading this correctly: ‘‘(2) Paragraph (1) shall not apply to the possession of any large capacity ammunition feeding device otherwise lawfully possessed on or before the date of enactment..." ...any standard capacity magazines in your possession when (and if) this becomes law, would...
  3. AWB 2022 debate

    So after reading this, a random thought just came to mind, especially since I’m somewhat of a newbie when it comes to 1911s… If a Target Model is made for shooting at targets… ...what’s the purpose of this model? 🤔 Frank
  4. Massachusetts Legislature Voting on Anti-Civil Rights Bill TODAY!

    Perhaps get the ACLU in on this line of thinking. It wouldn't be the first time they've sided with a 2A issue on similar grounds (although I couldn't name the other(s) off hand). Frank
  5. Anti-2A messages you saw on TV and in movies

    I'm actually surprised to hear this because I was friends with Ed King (RIP), one of their guitarists (who co-wrote Sweet Home Alabama), and I never got that sense from him. Although truth be told, we spent most of the time talking about guitars and food, and the topic of guns never came up...
  6. Massachusetts Legislature Voting on Anti-Civil Rights Bill TODAY!

    Boy, I'm fuming just reading about all this political bullsh!t...and I don't even live in MA anymore! I've kept my GOAL membership, and continue to contribute, just to help in this (futile) fight for those friends I've left behind up there. Frank
  7. 21 killed, 18 injured in shooting at elementary school in Uvalde, Texas

    Hey, I think I found the Uvalde PD theme song! View: Frank
  8. Ban on all semi auto rifles on deck

    Well that would really suck for those of us living in RI, considering all NFA items are already banned here: "In Rhode Island it is illegal to own any NFA weapon. The only exception is Class III FFLs." Frank
  9. Rhode Island 10 Round mag limit lawsuit

    Exactly my point from earlier in this thread:
  10. Rhode Island 10 Round mag limit lawsuit

    Yes, I think this may be the only acceptable way to modify a standard capacity magazine...along with a magazine meet the legal requirements. Frank
  11. Rhode Island 10 Round mag limit lawsuit

    I absolutely think the wording was intentional, as a sneaky attempt at outlawing all modern semi-automatic firearms (with a detachable magazine). Frank
  12. Rhode Island 10 Round mag limit lawsuit

    I think a good part of the argument on our side, and what contributes to this ban being unconstitutional, is the fact that there's no grandfathering, and no compensation for forfeited magazines; it's a an outright confiscation. To me, that makes the ruling potentially less applicable to other...
  13. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    It says it right in the product title: "Brass Jacketed Hollow Point". Frank
  14. Worth getting the AG permit now?

  15. Atlanta Subway Worker Shot Dead For Putting Too Much Mayo On Sandwich

    From the article: "The store’s owner, Willie Glenn, told FOX5 that mayo was to blame for the deadly argument." Simple solution: Ban Mayo! Frank
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