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  1. Shipping handguns from an FFL

    What's there to know? FFLs generally use USPS priority or a flat rate box. Gets there in 3 days.
  2. How do I register inherited shotgun?

  3. WTS Colt Detective Special 2" blue with box

    Safe queen for me as I have a couple of other Colts that I routinely take out. Some internet searches puts this DS with the shroud for the ejector rod around 1973-1974 or thereabouts. I have not fired this gun but have been the caretaker for a good while. This would make for a nice addition...
  4. Another Unfortunate Gun Bonded Warehouse (Tombstone Trading Post)

    Exactly. Your business your rules. If you don't want to do personal transfers, just charge a flat fee of 50 bucks or more. Blue Northern in Ayer did that (when they were still alive). Don't hide behind nickle and dime'ing people by doing add- ons in a form of a government taxable item.
  5. Another Unfortunate Gun Bonded Warehouse (Tombstone Trading Post)

    Tissue to block and protect the innocent. LOL. But here's the proof. Granted it been a few years but it's labeled as 'tax value'. Almost extra 20 bucks on the 35 dollar fee. Not sure if they still do this but buyer beware.
  6. Another Unfortunate Gun Bonded Warehouse (Tombstone Trading Post)

    Yes. This was a private sale and a percentage of the gun value + transfer fee was imposed. Not consignment. I'll try to dig up the receipt. I have it but just need to get it and snap a pic.
  7. Another Unfortunate Gun Bonded Warehouse (Tombstone Trading Post)

    Didnt known it at the time and was also under a time crunch as I would have gone elsewhere but I met a NES member there for a sale. They charged a percentage of the value of the gun plus a transfer fee. They are dead to me.
  8. SOLD Sold

    Bump up
  9. SOLD Sold

    Sold. Thanks for all the interest.
  10. 357 magnum revolver comparable to S&W 629

    686 with 3" barrel will have the same look.
  11. FB and IG down worldwide

    I guess I'll spend more time here on NES.
  12. Canada Goose

    All the Canadians I took were over water. They seems to rise a bit later than ducks.
  13. CCW at Woosox game??

    Walk thru metal detectors at each gate. Keep it home or stash in the car.
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