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  1. Subaru head gaskets leaking

    ‘13 Legacy 2.5 with 176k head gasket issues but the engine consumes an additional 5 quarts of oil over 7500 mile oil more Subaru’s for me after this one...also have an exhaust leak at the gasket behind the cat...Bluetooth skips now...other than that it’s been tires...
  2. Moving MA to RI to MA/RI

    Asking for family...he rents in MA and has his MA class A unrestricted and owns 1 pistol...he is moving into his girlfriend’s house which she owns in RI before the end of the year and he will pay rent there...and then they plan to move somewhere near the coast around the MA/RI line which may or...
  3. Army Medal Identification

    Thanks fellas for all the family and myself greatly appreciate it
  4. Army Medal Identification

    Yup...that’s what it is...thanks
  5. Army Medal Identification

    Thank you
  6. Army Medal Identification

    Thank you...I ended up finding both those just now...he may have gotten those when he saved some people from a burning vessel in the cape cod canal when he was a patrol boat captain... he was a Sargent when he was honorably discharged from the army
  7. Army Medal Identification

    Thank you 2 medals left
  8. Army Medal Identification

    Thanks...I remember him telling me of the rides hanging out the side of helicopters...I believe they were hueys...he had watched that movie with Mel Gibson I think The highlighted I still haven’t identified yet...not sure what the little pineapple/grenade shaped pin on the bronze star next to...
  9. Army Medal Identification

    From that link I was able to identify what’s on the list from his dd214 but I’m missing some
  10. Army Medal Identification

    Thanks...7th Calvary 1st division
  11. Army Medal Identification

    My Dad recently passed. I’m trying to identify his army medals. He served in Vietnam for a couple years and worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers and he also went down to NY after 9/11 as a launch operator to move people from Jersey to NY for 3 weeks. Here is the list I have so far from his...
  12. Taran Butler in hot water?

    View: View:
  13. Game of Thrones

    Hound vs zombie mountain...need to see it!
  14. Casper Mattresses

    Read up... Sleep Like The Dead : Independent and Unbiased Sleep Product Reviews – Mattresses, Toppers, Pillows, Bedding and More
  15. FBI Was Searching For Hitler in Argentina

    Have you guys watched hunting hitler on history channel?’s pretty good...they looked at a bunch of redacted fbi documents made avail by foia...they found all kinds of evidence of him having left for Argentina...some of the stuff discussed here was already on the show a while ago
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