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  1. USPS no longer handles Amazon packages

    Amazon Prime has been eratic. Some items arrive the next day, others can take over a week. And my mailman delivered paper towels today for Amazon with my regular mail.
  2. So Apple has picked a side in the social justice arena

    And if you want a smartphone you're stuck with Apple or Android (Google) OS. And Google probably sucks even more than Apple.
  3. Utah man repeatedly chases neighbor's Airbnb guests away with shotgun, gets arrested

    Couldn't you shoot trespassers in the old west?! Or was that just in the movies and on shows like Laramie!? [laugh]
  4. Covid-19 Round 2.0

    I could probably re-stock on some things, but I'm not sure I see the panic buying we saw in the spring returning even with a fall spike. Time will tell, but I better buy another 500 rolls of TP!!
  5. William McGurn from WSJ Just Received his LTC

    NJ!? Doubt he received a LTC. Probably just a permission slip to purchase a handgun.
  6. HUGE Riots all over the USA/Other places too. Mr. Floyd is forgotten now. Rioting/Looting/Antifa-Anarchy/Soros & Co. MEGATHREAD!!!

    Good question. I get the same thoughts from my parents that are now 75 and 76 years old.
  7. Anyone still boycotting the NFL?

    Yeah, that one was hard for me. [thinking]
  8. Anyone still boycotting the NFL?

  9. Get your credit cards out!!!

    Melrose, MA ain't free!!! Where'd you go?
  10. Smells Like Teen Spirit was released 29 year ago, today

    I happen to look this song up on Wikipedia when it played on Amazon Prime. Damn... 29 years ago! (I was in college). Does that make it a legit "classic rock" song?! Not sure if I've heard it on ZLX. Funny some of the songs I hear on ZLX these days! Just getting old, I guess.
  11. Land O Lakes in the Land of the Lost...a rant

    Sorry to see Mia go. We're buying Cabot butter now. Political correctness isn't welcome in my house. Boycott list is long these days...
  12. Want to buy manual transmission sports car before they're gone

    True, the few rentals I've had in Europe were all sticks. Fun, except wasn't a fan of the diesel Ford Mondeo in Germany. I did still get it to 130mph on the Autobahn though[grin]
  13. After 14 years of cult following the golden egg has left the room! ~ I supose Covid or maybe BLM killed them off.

    Well, I'm doing something right, I can honestly say I've never heard of it. Yeah, I know these people exist and know their dad was an OJ lawyer, but the show, no clue.
  14. Mass non res Ltc, Have to get a Covid test?!

    Of course, yet another obstacle to exercising your 2A "rights" in the Commiewealth. I'm not surprised.
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