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  1. WTS 2 Champion 5hp Compressors

    Bump, Price lowered.
  2. Target sports fake reviews

    I thought the same thing until I put up my own site... trust me people really do post reviews like that, it's weird because every time I read one I'm thinking I didn't ship this product to India..
  3. Rep. Crenshaw Takes Aim At Gun Owners Of America

    All you need to know about Crenshaw Rep. Dan Crenshaw called out for following escort on Twitter
  4. Ammo price history charts website...

    Enbloc is secretly day trading 9mm futures.
  5. Dog breeder robbed of pups - fires back (fail)

    Anyone else get this video playing after [rofl]
  6. need a workbench...

    I have a 36 x 72" with a lower shelf of this: WST2-2448-36 | Little Giant Products it literally won't fit through the doors in the new place so it is just gathering dust 😢I haven't put it up for sale yet but kicking around the idea. Edit forgot to add these are fairly inexpensive for what you...
  7. What to name my snake?

    Beat me to it
  8. I decided to buy a IWI Tavor x95

    Off topic but scrolling back up that offset from the 4in box is doing some sort of weird optical illusion.[banana]
  9. Biden announces plan to fund LEAs, enforce laws against FFLs, create "strike force[s]"

    I'm pretty sure Biden would be on board with Stop and Sniff.
  10. Winchester recalls 9mm FMJ & JHP ammunition

    When I bought my VP9 I bought a box of the "Nato" White Box, it looked like someone set off a glitter bomb after shooting it.
  11. What in the World is a .22 Eargesplitten Loudenboomer

    This guy sounds like he was 60 years to early for Youtube
  12. WTS 2 Champion 5hp Compressors

    Both are Champion Advantage Series 5hp 80gal 2- Stage Splash Lubricated, fully packaged with Low Oil Switch, Intercooler, and Auto Drain. Both Purchased new from AM Compressed Air. Both had hour meters connected, but they fell off/ran out of batteries when use was discontinued. #1 - is Single...
  13. Palladin Press Book Dump

    I thought it was downloadable NEC books [rofl]
  14. What’s your Dream gun?

    Accuracy International AWM in .338 Lapua.... because reasons...
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