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  1. I think I shot a deer

    How did he know what a deer looks like?
  2. Rusted bore on tc omega

    Fill it with coca cola and see if you can prove the urban legend.
  3. PSA: Honor your WTS deal too much to ask?

    Hey. The exchange of PMs probably establishes a written contract. Small claims court is there for you.
  4. Anyone use The Gun Dock before?

    I had a good experience with them. Needed a hunting gun for a trip amd they got it to my ffl overnight.
  5. Opening Day Deer in MA

    True. I'm getting ready for the 14th.
  6. Opening Day Deer in MA

    Some of us have to wait a while
  7. WTB 20 gauge sabot slugs

    Looking to buy 20 Gauge sabot slugs. Will pay cash or trade for other ammo.
  8. What to name my snake?

    The Exterminator
  9. Rangefinding Binoculars ?

    I've been spending money like a mad man but I'm thinking I can deal with dropping some more cash for either the nikon at $1200 or the Leica at $1600
  10. License ordered in ridiculous denial

    way to go Mr Lawyer man.
  11. Gun store question

    This thread sucks.
  12. Replacing Broken Pre Ban Glock Mag Bodies With New Glock Mag Bodies In Massachusetts

    Don't worry. Maura doesn't get involved with wood.
  13. Rangefinding Binoculars ?

    Is it worth getting a good pair of rangefinding binoculars for hunting, hiking and other cool stuff? Or is it better to get a separate rangefinder and a good pair of binoculars? I think I'm leaning toward the built-in range finder but curious what you all have to say.
  14. Best round for Canada geese

    Everyone can carry in NH. Including the geese.
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