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  1. Green membership Karma

  2. Acushnet Ma. LTC renewal

    Has your check been cashed??? My situation did not go on that long...but here's the story. A few days before Thanksgiving I went in to pick an application to renew my LTC. I knew I was early, about six weeks before the 90 day to expiration date. I was told that I'd be called in about 6 weeks...
  3. Green Again...6th year!

    I really enjoy it here...even if I don't have a lot to say most of the time. Thank You.
  4. "High-Power" Rifle Decision

    Maybe a Ruger Gunsite Scout rifle? Bolt Action, 10 round box magazine. Barrel is only 16" but you're on a 200 yard range so it should be fine. I bought a Win Model 70 Featherweight 308 early in '14 to use for a hunt when I lived out west...never happened due to...something came up. Been...
  5. Poll in USA Today: Guns Save Lives Everyday - GOA

    Yes, I didn't respond because I too thought, the way it is posed in the survey, the question is ambiguous.
  6. Calling all CZ people

    Check your inbox...PMs should be there, mine go back to Feb 2015 a couple of weeks after I joined the forum. If he's still active send him a PM.
  7. Armed Utah teachers practice responding to school shootings

    Not at all surprised. I lived in SF, Utah for about 10 years...worked in SLC for some of those years. I worked in an office with roughly 70 guys and 20 or so women. Every man (except for a very few lefty transplants) owned guns and shot at the range, in the woods or in the mountains when ever...
  8. Question about transporting firearms during cross country move

    You may be surprised at the accommodating legal attitude toward 2A rights in Utah. Private sellers are only required to verify state residency of the buyer. No paperwork required though. Most private sellers will require a resident Utah CCW for hand gun purchases...long guns, not so much. Many...
  9. Question about transporting firearms during cross country move

    I moved back to Mass from Utah (I know :rolleyes: ) for reasons of responsibility I chose not to ignore. The Utah resident CCW is honored in most of the states I crossed through though not all. The non resident Utah permit has a few more restricted states but still covers most depending on your...
  10. 9 mm effectiveness ?

    ??? "chapter 131, section 67 of MA hunting laws" quoted from a previous post by snax. My post was kind a "tongue in cheek".
  11. 9 mm effectiveness ?

    According to this "chapter 131, section 67 of MA hunting laws" that you present, since humans ARE mammals I would say that you can't carry anything bigger than a .38 (9mm) anywhere basically from dusk til dawn... Who wrote this f-ing idiocy?
  12. Justice Department urges Supreme Court to overturn NYC gun law

    Am I reading that last sentence right? What?...Why? Maybe it should read..."Supporters of more gun laws and restrictions fear"
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