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  1. 9mm recall

    Spreadsheets??! Lol. I usually keep a flap from one box that has the lot # when I buy a case of ammo and toss it on the top of the pile of loose ammo in the ammo can. RC
  2. "Police proud of their bust" megathread

    WOW 5 guys to take a tiny pistol and ONE bullet off the streets. They must be proud. RC
  3. Preban Uzi Question

    I bought many a few years ago when Maine Military had new in wrapper German 32rd mags on sale for $9. RC
  4. Is this full skinflint?

    Its usually a 10.5 with a 5.5" flash hider. They have been around for over 30 years. Gives you the "look" of the Vietnam 10.5" commando, but with the long flash hider welded on its a legal 16" barrel. A lot of people like the "looks" of something even if it's not functional on their firearms...
  5. Explanation on this paragraph, Maine?

  6. Preban Uzi Question

    What's your definition of stock? LOL. I'm now calling my pistol stock a receiver extension. RC
  7. Tavor: who has one or opinion

    Are those Magpul slip-over magpuls?? Its like "I couldn't afford P-Mags so I made my cheap ones look like P-mags." RC
  8. Gun youtubers

    Autumn’s s armory. I support her channel with a $5 through Patreon every month. RC
  9. Tavor: who has one or opinion

    I used to have the cheep 30mm ones on everything until one winter when I was trying to sight one in. Shot after shot was crap. Then right after the 3rd shot I saw the dot drop.... The sight froze up and was just not moving as I turned the screws. It was THEN I no longer used the 3-4 I had...
  10. Tavor: who has one or opinion

    I still never bought one. I have a running list of what is going to be my next rifle, but as soon as I get the $$ I look for something else, and in reality never buy anything high-end. I see you went non-standard and replaced that nasty grip. I like that rifle. I was going to buy the green...
  11. Firearm prohibition lobby criticizes ATF acting director over home-built firearms

    It’s because they keep changing the definitions of things. Now ANY firearm that is missing a serial number, through either grinding it off, scratching it off, age where it never had one, or 80%ers are ALL called "ghost guns". Just like many in the hospitals are "Un-vaxxed" BUT the definition of...
  12. Tamgha Arms Folding 12 Gauge, 7+1 Spring Loaded Shotgun. Carry in a holster

    Cut the barrel down and add a pistol grip. It'll fit in your back pocket, or inside-the-coat front pocket. RC
  13. AR15 "Wall Hanger" Device

    That is exactly how the Taiwanese AR15’s work. It’s a full drop in trigger unit with auto sear, no third hole required. RC
  14. Black LA residents lack access to guns as wealthy rush to buy firearms amid crime wave: Activists

    Its all that people that watch those shitty cop shows like CSI know. EVERY gun is either "registered" or its illegal. Nothing else, and no other state laws, or private sale apply. I live in Maine and people are still completely confused when I tell them that NO firearms are registered in...
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