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  1. BNIB Ruger SR22 Sale

    Comes with 2 mags and everything you see in box. $386.95 plus tax. Cash only. Add ammo for .08 cents per round. 1000 round maximum. New Wrangler Revolver available for $189.00 out the door also.
  2. RG Sports

    Low overhead means discount prices for you. Ammo, guns and frame transfers available.
  3. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    I use it all the time. No issues.
  4. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    .31 locally when in stock
  5. Looking to get a sub $300 9mm for range shooting only

    Don’t forget Ruger EC9S. Under $300 new.
  6. Anyone see GP11 Swiss 7.5x55 around locally?

    I have 40 rounds
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