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  1. WATCH: Armed Thugs Drive 100 Miles to Harass a Patriot at His Home Because He Visited Virginia Capitol

    I've said before that I support the cops, but I know that when Governor Goebbels gives the order we'll be: 1) without LTC and guns 2) in prison 3) dead even though how we're living is constitutional and righteous.
  2. Black Rifle Coffee Co

    I was going to give you a "Like", but like is nowhere near strong enough for what you put on my computer screen on Sunday morning!
  3. Ayanna Pressley has alopecia and it is Trump's fault

    I'm pretty sure everything is a Trump issue. Some brilliant NESer on another thread mentioned Trump's responsibility for the extinction of the dinosaurs, and I believe that scientists have confirmed this..............along with global catastrophe, or whatever the psychos are calling natural...
  4. there's safety, and then there's safety....

    Those warnings may be annoying, but think of the millions of viewers out there, and many may be certified idiots. You're at least planting a seed in their little cerebrums about gun safety. Yeah, it can be overkill, so to speak, but suck it up. 2/10
  5. Cali struggles to keep illegal guns and ammunition from crossing state lines

    Would the MA state police enforce tax laws? It's not illegal to have alcohol in the state, so that's not the issue.
  6. Arrest warrant issued for Odell Beckham Jr. after slapping an officer on the butt in LSU locker room

    We're fuqued if you get arrested for slapping someone teasingly on the butt. I don't do that, but wtf?!
  7. Cali struggles to keep illegal guns and ammunition from crossing state lines

    Am I not allowed to buy booze in NH? What if it's MA compliant?
  8. Car safe?

    Thanks for all of the responses and suggestions. And, no, the safe was not going to be visible and obvious. And even if you lock your gun up to go into school, are you allowed to even keep it on school property? Finally, if I bolt it down to the floor of the 3rd row of Sequoia and cover it...
  9. Lawsuit against Barnstable challenges seizure of guns

    Sue the bastards! What effing communists (or fascist, but what's the difference when they have their boots on your neck) these azzhole cops are!
  10. Car safe?

    I'd love to have a little car safe/lock box bolted to my car to hold a handgun. Although maybe I'd need 2, one for ammo, if I'm driving through NY. Any recommendations of models, prices, installation techniques? Thanks!
  11. Armed Citizen Saves Arizona State Trooper's Life, Shoots Suspect Dead

    Me too! Although "Florida: Not like the rest of us!"

    I called and emailed several MA legislators about having a gun safety program here. Who can guess what the response was? Need a hint?
  13. Score one for the good guys, Pelham NH

    Is there gravity in Manchester?
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