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  1. bug out bag contents advice needed

    Actually, in all seriousness, as bizarre as it sounds, a small jar of vaseline and some cotton balls can serve as a medical salve, as well as a fire starter.
  2. bug out bag contents advice needed

    Sorry, I can't resist educating you neophytes! In my bug out bag I'll have: 1 dozen Johnny Walker Red nips 1 box xtra large condoms 25 Slim Jims 6 Romeo & Julieta Churchill cigars 4 changes underwear (one/week/month) 3 socks 1 'nother dozen JWR nips 1 box large condoms (eyes were bigger...
  3. Acquisitions: Guns, Cars, Babies, Dogs

    Pretty-I very well may get one, and I love how it takes AR mags.
  4. Here's Where Kamala Harris Stands on Gun Control

    She's just another educated idiot. I can't tell you how many people I know with doctorates who have zero common sense.
  5. Acquisitions: Guns, Cars, Babies, Dogs

    I'd like to add a Ruger mk iv Standard, 4.75 " barrel, to my collection. I already have the target version, which I love, but I want something smaller that I don't have to pamper and I can plink with. I'm not even sure they're MA compliant, however.
  6. .22 recommendations

    Another vote for Ruger Mk iv, but you'll never find them in MA, or probably anywhere, now, and they're usually around $500. There are Wranglers around for like $240. CCGGuns in Stoneham, has a couple, I believe.
  7. Acquisitions: Guns, Cars, Babies, Dogs

    Only one of them, the other one she let's me use. Every other Sunday. #sarcasm
  8. Great Road Firearms in Stow??

    Good inventory, very friendly guys, and I hope the BATF isn't harassing them. That's my first guess.
  9. Ruger .22

    I'm looking for a Ruger mk 1, 2, or 3 Standard model with the "pencil" barrel, 4 3/4" Decent condition, clean I love that version for plinking will pay fair cash value Lexington, pm me Thanks
  10. Acquisitions: Guns, Cars, Babies, Dogs

    Things that go boom, vroom, waah, and woof are welcome. Please, no cats! My two daughters and I wanted a dog, and my son wanted a cat, so what do you think my wife threw the gauntlet down for? And for those of you who aren't married, you're probably thinking, "WTF?!!!" For those of you who...
  11. Apparent ‘FBI Bulletin’ about Armed 50 State Protest

    Welcome to Russia in 1917 or Germany in 1933.
  12. semi-auto rifle suggestions for massachusetts

    MA? Crossman bb gun, quick while they're still legal.
  13. Ammo for sale, bring your organs

    Actually, if society collapses, money will be worthless. Toilet paper, water filters, and canned beans will be currency, and .22 LR will be the quarters of the future.
  14. Free cases

    Spoken for o anybody who can drive to Lexington and pick them up, they're yours. pm me Must not follow all local, state, and federal laws Must not need LTC If you voted for Biden, pizz off If you support the left, go fuque yerself If you pray to Jeff Bezos and the rest of the Nazis, go dye...
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