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  1. Gun owners map removed

    It would be great to have had the funding and support (from media) to do a reverse statement to non handgun owners. Criminals please break into theses homes as they have no fire arms.
  2. Bow Season Progess?

    Learned a valuable lesson yesterday, my time in the ranger battalions in the 80s to 90s should of prepared me for this. When you establish a patrol base or hide always sweep the area you are setting up in, a basic principle of patroling. Well I cleared out the underbrush yesterday to make a...
  3. Armed guard in front of Bank of America?

    We looked at this contract when it was up last year, the pay was not great and there was 2 locations in Boston for BOA JP and china town I belive. We passed.
  4. Bow Season Progess?

    Put truck in park, opened door and saw buck in front yard of the farm yard Im hunting, 0600 and next to the road. He crossed the sreet, it was amazing saw the tracks in the tilled soil in the moon beams, must of been following his doe's. hope to get out at sun set to see them going back accross...
  5. Bow Season Progess?

    1st day 1st time thursday, 30 yrds good group at range, very excited short shot paced off.
  6. First time pheasant hunting

    This will be only my third time, and heading to Westen MA with my Brother a NES member. Great post super motivating as I leave for the trip as soon as my relief comes in from work. Trying a new breed of bird dog used to take down people with birds on there shoulder (unrully piarates??). A...
  7. At what distance do you zero your rifles?

    I love a 100 zero move to 200 and then 300 it just makes me feel good and a good drill to change your settings/dope.
  8. NES Independence Day Smith & Wesson M&P GIVEAWAY!

    in just paid for green
  9. R

    I need a picture as cool as a Worthington Yeild sign you have. Bri

    I need a picture as cool as a Worthington Yeild sign you have. Bri
  10. Service Type

    Just finished my 20 and it was a good run! From Special Operations to Forward surgical team to mobilization training to end as a Special Agent. Good times GREAT people we are all cut from the same cloth and it has been a honor serving with you all.
  11. New Folks Check In and Say Hi #4

    New to NES Found a home, been hearing great things about NES from my brother km696 and finally got on. I have recently retired fro the Army, working and living in Amesbury MA as a firefighter paramedic. Teach tactical medicine and fitness programs. Claim to fame; was the worst shot on the...
  12. R

    Hey Kev thanks for getting me on the site. Brian

    Hey Kev thanks for getting me on the site. Brian
  13. R

    Hey not bad for 4 months Bri

    Hey not bad for 4 months Bri
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