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  1. UPS a little screwy

    CVS is now a UPS dropoff location, and Walgreens does Fedex. The package gets scanned when you drop it off and gets into package tracking immediately.
  2. UPS a little screwy

    Could make sense. I'm also puzzled that a repair costing $80 rates the US branch shipping the unit to Taiwan. At manufacturing cost, it might have been cheaper to send me a new one than to send it back home for repair. Interesting company - nice people, all surnames appear to be Asian.
  3. UPS a little screwy

    So I send an IP camera to ACTI US in Irvine, CA for repair. They agree to fix it for $80, which is also the "estimate only" price, so I am getting their usual service. This is a nicer unit than the $50 Amazon specials. I like therir style - the banner they on their site reads - "Non-Chinese...
  4. Kamala is the pick for VP

    We have never had an election in our lifetimes where it was so obvious that a top of ticket candidate was less than likely to survive the full term intact with full mental faculties. Black votes matter. The solidarity of the black vote going for "one of their own" is well known, and that...
  5. Kamala is the pick for VP

    The same way a college can have a Black Student's Alliance but any effort at a White Students Alliance is shot down as racist.
  6. Kamala is the pick for VP

    The two requirements were black and female. She brings both.
  7. Lowell Unrestricted LTC Class

    On Target appears not to have gotten the memo about Flash for their website.
  8. N/D Of The Week

    I don't think that's a crime in AZ if you have a carry permit.
  9. A New NH-MA Border War Brews

    NY is using every dirty trick it can think of to claim one is a NY resident. ' Move from NY to PA for a year then to MD? Guess what, you never resided in PA - you were staying there temporarily while a NY resident on your way to your long term residence and own NY tax for your time in PA.
  10. Brake check protection

    That happened to me once in Boston. It was a cabbie looking for an address. Fortunately ny insurance company found an uninvolved witness (I gave them the house address) of someone watching the entire thing from his porch. The ADA absolutely refused to prosecute the other driver for fraud...
  11. Gold and silver prices are down

    1099B. Required if at least 1000 oz.
  12. D.C. Files Suit Against NRA Foundation

    They're going to have a hard time getting Comm2a on executive compensation since there isn't any. I did get a wardrobe allowance one year - I was given a cheap golf/polo shirt to wear at gun shows.
  13. When did MA change the LTC from 18 to 21?

    I think the was back in 1998.
  14. Anyone Know Where to Get Primers?

    The SRP hunt is pretty tough as well. I use SRP for fotay, 9mm and 38 super. I wanted the stronger cup for the high pressure super rounds, and it was easiest not to track two different primer types of the same size.
  15. Anyone understand this business of MA changing tax law for out of staters working from home?

    "State needs the money" is a well established legal doctrine in MA course. Examples set or upheld by the MA SJC: $75 to confront your accuser in a traffic violation case; no refund even if you are not found responsible. Persons allowing adult children to live with them are implicitly...
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