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  1. Rent Control in Massachusetts

    Investors who buy houses generally target the low end. As I mentioned before, those renting out places with an actual (not declared, but actual) market value of $750ish are almost exclusively "accidental landlords" as are those whose houses used to be worth that and are hanging on for a...
  2. Space Force unveils service uniforms with camouflage design

    Same thing with flags you sometimes see painted/decaled on the side of civilian busses or other uniforms.
  3. Rent Control in Massachusetts

    Bingo!!! Note that the only suburban $600K+ places that are rented have accidental landlords - upside down mortgage holders; people who cannot get that they feel they "need" when selling the place, etc. Few if any buy this sort of single family to rent out.
  4. Lawsuit against Barnstable challenges seizure of guns

    Best bet is to exit the house in a way that entry must be obviously without consent. If you have a garage with a door to the house, exit to the garage, lock the door, then open the garage door and meet the police outside. Be polite, do not disobey any orders, but under no circumstances to...
  5. Car safe?

    The police are trained no. This is deliberate deception. MGL 269-10j makes "carry on ones person" a crime, not possession not on ones person. This does not stop charges from being bought, but they generally get CWOFed or dismissed if no "on person carry" if the defen$e coun$el know what (s)he...
  6. Car safe?

    "Military grade 14 gauge steel " - From Amazon description. Oxymoron alert.
  7. Rent Control in Massachusetts

    It's like those get rich by taking our real estate seminar where they have a cardboard cutout of the famous owner who had a conflict and could not attend this seminar (just like all the other ones). The ads often ask buyers how much equity they have and it's always significant - but exists...
  8. Car safe?

    Search warrants rarely require more than "we think he is guilty". I've even read one issued because lawful behavior caused the police to suspect unlawful behavior, and the courts first word to the subject's attorney was "I don't want to hear any argument about the warrant". It ended up as...
  9. New trick by porch pirates

    If you open a package you are not expecting and find anything funny, call the PD immediately in case it is a setup. Funny - crooks are never smart enough to write "Not ordered, return to sender" and let the package "age" so when the cops bust in all they find is a package the suspect claims he...
  10. Rent Control in Massachusetts

    And what makes you think a rent control law would allow the "owner" to take it off the rental market?
  11. Army Given Gun Confiscation Questionnaire

    Easy to say from an armchair. Harder to say when you are faced with loss of your career and profession; court marshal; the equivalent of a felony on your record and a dishhonorable discharge for disobeying a lawful order (remember, the system, and not the soldier gets to decide if the order...
  12. Rent Control in Massachusetts

    Or smart, depending on the totality of circumstances. In some state, CA for example, residential mortgages are by law "non-recourse" which means that mortgage holders may look only to the value of the property in a forclosure, and cannot obtain a deficiency judgment and attach other assets or...
  13. Possibly moving to ri , some basic questions comparing ma and ri

    I wonder if the numbers quoted in that article include the RI carry permits issued to out of state residents.
  14. Lori Laughlin

    Wrong analogy, since I was not talking about the cops seizing digital material/devices and breaking, but compelling you to give them access. It's as if someone invented a TRTL(infinity)x6 safe and the owner refused to give the cops the combination when demanded by warrant. The only protection...
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