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  • I just built a stand for the 800 yard target it will be about 3 feet of the ground and i might be headed out sunday to if you want to come
    I'm also looking for a range that has 300 yd shooting w/o having to wait for the club to post "special"wknds (cuz they have to shut down 1/2 of club..) to be able to do it.. I'm guessing you know 1 or have your own where you have the .50... Any recommendations? I'm near Foxboro.
    I'm sorry we do not have the tool to do it right now, I ordered one but it still hasn't come in.
    Hey Troy it was good to meet you today, thanks for letting me try your black powder rifle. Only problem is I need one now.
    Hi JPO, It's very simple. I met with Officer Morrisette and he was very business like and quick. I had my license within a few months and it was issued as unrestricted. I couldn't of been more happy with how easy it was. Good luck with your application, but I doubt you'll have any problems. Once you get license send me a message and maybe we'll hit the range one day.


    I noted your responce on the licensing in Uxbridge. I just submitted my application to the Police on Thursday. I had my LTC several years ago and want to get back to shooting sports. What can I expect from the Uxbridge licensing process?
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