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  1. Modern sporting rifles on the Moon?

    No sound in space so no ear protection or suppressor needed, just come as you are in your space suit?
  2. Membership renewal?

    I received an email today about renewing my NES membership, which I would like to do. This is the email message: I clicked on the included link above for renewals and upgrades, which took me to a web page with this message: So it looks as though it's not possible to renew yet? Any tips...
  3. GOAL Lucky 20 Raffle Winners Announced!

    Congratulations, winners and everyone who participated, great way to start the New Year while supporting GOAL!
  4. The GOAL Podcast

    Timely and important information--thank you.
  5. Joined GOAL today

  6. NEW GOAL Website and Data System Up!

    If you're visiting the web site, you might encounter a 404 message. Maybe hacked by the Russians? GOAL is aware and is working on it. Stay tuned for an update.
  7. Barrel Crowns and Accuracy

    Attached for those interested in rifle accuracy are two articles from Precision Shooting magazine: "The Over-Rated Crown," measuring the effects of progressively severe damage inflicted upon a rifle crown; and "Crown Contortions," testing a few popular crown shapes. In brief, condition and...
  8. .308 battle rifles

    Another option would be the Tavor 7 from Israel Weapon Industries, description and specs here, Tavor 7 – 7.62 NATO 16.5″ Barrel | IWI US, Inc.. Currently it's offered with a 14.5" barrel. Reportedly it's available now in Canada with a 20" barrel, and there are indications elsewhere on the web...
  9. Baker Follows Feds on Firearm Retailers and Ranges

    Thanks for the heads-up.
  10. California declares ham radio obsolete, demands repeater infrastructure to be removed

    Item in the news, California Declares Ham Radio Obsolete, Demands Repeater Infrastructure To Be Removed.
  11. GOAL Annual Meeting & Breakfast on March 8!

    GOAL's Annual Meeting and breakfast comes up on Sunday, March 8, 9:00-noon at Wachusett Country Club, 187 Prospect Street in West Boylston. Enjoy a delicious breakfast and get an update on latest developments of importance to gun owners. Tickets are $35, available at the GOAL web site here...
  12. Concealed Carry Fashion Show March 7!

    Get your tickets now for the Concealed Carry Fashion Show coming up on Saturday, March 7 at Cyprian Keys Golf Club in Boylston! For details and tickets, visit Concealed Carry Fashion Show Tickets On Sale Now - GOAL.ORG!
  13. Vote Jim Wallace for NRA Board

    Rob Pincus endorses Jim for NRA Board of Directors: Video, . Article, Rob Pincus Announces His Picks for 2020 NRA Board of Director Ballot ~ VIDEOS. Mr. Pincus is correct: Jim works tirelessly and effectively on behalf of Massachusetts gun owners. As an NRA Director, he'll bring the same...
  14. Vote Jim Wallace for NRA Board

    There's no stronger or more effective advocate for civil rights and the Second Amendment than Jim Wallace.
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