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  1. One less LTC holder in MA...

    Best podcasts 2021: what's worth listening to right now
  2. Get the shot or get discharged

    Right, I can see the CHYNA's tanks' dust trails all the way to the Carolinas and I hear you guys in Mass can hear the CHYNA's Migs taking off in Canada....
  3. CNN Town Hall: Joe Biden Suggests a 9mm Pistol Ban

    I like this "version" of her name, yet at the same time for some reason it makes me 🤮
  4. My boy earned his Green Beret this week.

    Congratulations to him and to you and thank him for his service! I second (or third...) take down the pic. Also, condolences to your family for the loss of grandma.
  5. My niece gets lance corporal in couple weeks

    Congratulations and thank her for her service!
  6. My Daughter was so excited she got her Youth Badge

    Congrats to you and your daughter! Just be careful of the Karens and the other idiots in her school who might see the pictures...you never know now days.
  7. Memes Go Nuclear After Biden Threatens Gun Owners

    Don't mind either, as long as he holds up 4 years. We can't have anything happen to that moron that will put her in office. I'm sure we can get rid of her in November 2024.
  8. Trump/Nugent 2024

    I would too, but not for President ;)
  9. Military Plane ID? Solved. C 17 Globemaster III

    So are the Mad Dogs (MD80s), back in the day it was part of the operational procedures of American Airlines in DFW. I experienced it once, it was pretty cool.
  10. There's a new badass in town; "Mike from Massachusetts"

    Come and take it then. What'ya waiting for?!
  11. Stupid is, as Stupid does... enjoy your vaca!

    $18,240 bond....who the hell comes up with these figures? Why not $18K, or $19K, or $18,500?! Yes, but....can't understand his logic to backup at the begining of the chase instead of follow the chased car forward. Clearly there was a path that the bad guys took.
  12. Moving out of MA - Change of Address (yes, another thread about that...)

    Who wants to go to an y of these states anyways :D
  13. Moving out of MA - Change of Address (yes, another thread about that...)

    Or you can show the certificate from MA when you apply here ;)
  14. Moving out of MA - Change of Address (yes, another thread about that...)

    Thanks! Didn't know about the IdentoGO for the prints. Still surprised that they won't accept "live fire" requirement from another state and you have to go through the whole process/class.
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