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  1. MSP MIA?

    "You can cruise in the left lane with traffic but if people are passing you on the right then clearly you had room to move over." If the left lane is travelling faster then the right which is the intention than no reason to pass on right. If left lane is slower than there is a problem with...
  2. MSP MIA?

    "I'm not sure what's more disturbing, that you think you have a fast car or that you're asking another man to press his nuts against your ass." Well I have a fast car and motorcycle and am quite good at driving/riding them and surviving to tell about it. As far as You pressing your nuts against...
  3. MSP MIA?

    "The left lane is a PASSING lane, it's not meant for you to police how fast someone else drives. GET OUT OF THE LEFT LANE UNLESS YOU'RE PASSING. It's people like YOU who force others to pass on the right because you're too stubborn to move over." Kalash, the left lane is NOT your personal go...
  4. MSP MIA?

    I guess you need some education Son and driving lessons.
  5. MSP MIA?

    Like I said you can pass cars on the right if you stay in your lane and left lane slows and yes MSP decides when to enforce rules depending on traffic situation. VROOM, VROOM! Luckily last time I got pulled over for speeding I was in uniform heading to Gardner for drill early in morning. Statie...
  6. MSP MIA?

    I was riding my Beemer to work(Hanscom AFB) on RT.2 early in the morning in darkness and doing about 90mph with no one on the road. I look in my mirror and see this SUV closing on me and flashing his headlights. I think WTF this guy is really flying so I put on blinker and pull into right lane...
  7. MSP MIA?

    Really? So you passed a MSP cruiser on the right while he/she was travelling in the left lane and pulled back into the left lane in front of them and they just waved at you?
  8. MSP MIA?

    "Let me guess: you're in your 60s and you have a 4.6 Mustang that's slower than a Camry?" My 2017 Mustang GT/CS has a 435 hp Coyote motor in it and I will give you a driving lesson on a track day anytime or you could ride on the back of my Beemer and I could listen to you scream like a bitch on...
  9. MSP MIA?

    Please explain fundamental rules of road that I am ignorant of. Did you attend drivers ed and pass?
  10. MSP MIA?

    not if you are in the left lane and pass on the right and then move back into the left lane. If you are in the middle, right lane and stay in your lane and pass slower moving vehicles in left lane it's legal. I was in left lane on RT.2 last year and MSP in front of me and kid in car 2 vehicles...
  11. MSP MIA?

    any time you would like a high speed driving lesson PM me. Remember, the highway is not a NASCAR track and you're not special no matter what you're mommy told you. :cool:
  12. MSP MIA?

    I don't pass on the right on the highway and don't tailgate. If someone is driving slowly along in the left lane I will flash my lights which is the universal signal to pull over for a faster car to pass and if the Prius ignores me I will suck it up until driver smartens up.
  13. MSP MIA?

    moving from the left lane to the right lane and back into left lane to pass a car doing the speed limit is illegal and dangerous tough guy. I just bought a Tshirt that says "Don't piss off old guys, life in prison doesn't sound so bad" [rofl][rockon]
  14. MSP MIA?

    I don't "camp" whatever that is. I always drive in left lane and travel the speed the rest of the lane is travelling. It's when the whole lane is travelling the same speed and some a**h*** thinks he/she is special and decides to start weaving in and out of right lanes to get ahead of fellow...
  15. MSP MIA?

    They're called speed limits speed racer, if you're not going to enforce speed limit than let me know how fast I can drive without getting a expensive ticket which will haunt me for 6 yrs of insurance increases. Also if you want to drive 90 mph make sure you drive a vehicle capable of maintaining...
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