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  1. New AR from savage?

    Yeah, they are one of my customers. Ive known about the rifle for a while but didn't know any particulars.
  2. So, what did you get on Black Friday?

    Drunk, I got drunk. LOL
  3. What is your oldest gun?

    Same here. 42 Izhevsk Mosin. Only one also.
  4. Two Officers Killed, Third Wounded in Shooting in Palm Springs, California

    So, they make a big deal about the body armor and hi capacity mags yet nothing about the fact, as a felon, he shouldn't have even had the weapons? Typical libtard tactics.
  5. Well, finally! NRA responds to Healey's infringement

    Sadly, its past time to do it ourselves.
  6. AR 10 out, now what?

    Welcome to our world. Sucks, doesn't it?
  7. Not sure of the validity but, there you go.
  8. 4 months, 7 days processing time for a non resident ltc in CT UPDATED !

    You want excessive? Try getting a Ma Non resident permit. Be glad that the process of getting the CT permit is relatively easy and the cost and length of time are the same as our resident permits.
  9. Student wearing empty holster cited for 'threatening the safety of campus'

    Nah, cops just used the old stand by, someone called and complained. Really? Someone? GMAFB
  10. Active shooter in VA bus station - 2 State troopers shot

    I'm curious because the news went out of their way to say it wasn't terror related. Why would you say that?
  11. RMV denying dozens of controversial vanity plate requests

    Sure looks like muslim writing on that sticker to me.
  12. RMV denying dozens of controversial vanity plate requests

    Ive seen that exact plate but as a CT plate just the other day.
  13. Firearms Quiz

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