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  1. 7.62x39 ammo, just for the hell of it...

    Tula smells like cat piss
  2. Laser as front sight on ar

    Remember there is Tactical and then there is Practical 🤷‍♂️
  3. Top cop fears America will be hit with summer of gun violence after THREE states see shootouts in just 23 hours that leave two dead and at least 30...

    These “Top Cops” were not alarmed by last summer’s violence utterly destroying sections of cities while civilians and cops were all getting attacked by mobs of thugs? They shouldn’t fear anything at this point the way I see it.
  4. Washington man accused of shooting thief, dragging him behind truck while still alive: report

    Don’t try to steal peoples shit and stuff like this won’t happen 🤷‍♂️
  5. Things you regret drawing on

    I’ve taken hold of my bedside gun probably about 6 or 6 times over the years to investigate the dog going out of his mind in the middle of the night or hearing “Stuff” that is not normal at 2-3am. I got no regrets, that’s what my gun is there for. On the job never once came close to drawing, but...
  6. BLM Protests Overwhelming Peaceful

    I’m going to repeat myself. Napalm them
  7. Good day to hit the Range

    Full kit range day a couple months back, running around with all the gear on honestly sucks if your not used to it.
  8. high power flashlight advice

    Contact @Brewer He posted something about a seriously powerful flashlight in the equipment thread several months back.
  9. There's a new badass in town; "Mike from Massachusetts"

    Talk about a guy in serious need of a backhander right across the face. He is not worthy of a punch, it’s more degrading to slap a dude anyways and this guy qualifies lol
  10. CCP planning major attack on USA this year: Bioweapons, cyber war, kamikaze drones and infrastructure sabotage

    Regarding a first strike by China, that is absolutely an unrealistic situation. They have like 300 nukes. We have 20x’s that? They can not project their power for a overly successful mainland invasion of Taiwan let alone the US
  11. Enough Of This "Pre-Healey" Shit

    It’s not, I have a bunch of friends in MA that have asked me about it, they all know about it and it’s more real off NES to be honest. At least here you can read about everyone saying it’s bullshit and not to pay any attention to it. I had my Girls Bro in law contact me telling me his buddy will...
  12. Yeah... well, i'd shoot you too.

    A taser on a duty belt is more realistic then having a 12 gauge with slugs around your shoulder, not to mention if said cop gets into a firefight he would need real slugs not less lethal. Dont get me wrong I understand where your coming from but a cop recently mistook a Glock for a taser, there...
  13. Yeah... well, i'd shoot you too.

    Awful situation. That bitch protester honestly deserves to get punched in her mouth
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